Leading brewing company: digital mobility solution delivers breakthrough levels of data and insight

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Business Situation

The client established a goal to identify new growth opportunities for itself and its distributors. It also wanted to increase visibility into indirect sales channels where the distributor interacts between the brewery and the final customer. The brewery sought a mobile application that allowed its salesforce to leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions when negotiating commercial agreements and effectively target promotional activity. This called for a solution that provided immediate updates on sales-related activity across its network of distributors, while enabling its sales teams to work on tablets, accessing and inputting data when on-or offline. Replacing laptops with mobile devices, such as tablets, would be suitable for sales representatives who were out in the field as well as a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for the company.


The mobile application for sales representatives used a common front-end interface to manage customer data, commercial agreements and sales volumes, with the ability to obtain information quickly, regardless of location. Accenture worked with Avanade to design and implement a Microsoft Windows 8 mobile platform for the front-end which enabled the use of tablets for sales representatives in the field. The mobile application is integrated with an SAP back-end system that featured SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrated with SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SAP Business Intelligence and drew up the company’s customer data to help drive business decision-making.


With the new mobile application, sales representatives can share, collect, and analyze real-time customer data anywhere and anytime, such as point of sale promotional images and geo-location data for site visits. Sales data consists of actual versus potential sales information, portfolio penetration and competitive positions – all data that can enable real-time promotional and sales decisions and provide relevant communications to customers. For management, this increased visibility into sales operations means the company can monitor and adapt its business strategy on-the-fly, identify new market opportunities and gain a better understanding of customers.
These new capabilities helped the client become an agile business through unlocking the power of its data and turning it into a strategic asset for decision-making in the field. The company’s salesforce can now make informed decisions when negotiating commercial agreements, accurately target its promotional investments with customers and track progress to sales goals.
Specifically, the mobile application will facilitate the company to:
  • Identify areas for potential growth based on differentiated trade policies for each customer segment
  • Share network benchmarks with distributors to identify areas for improvement
  • Identify leading industry practices and key success factors of promotional activities earlier in the sales cycle
  • Collaborate with distributors to improve route planning for sales representatives
  • Improve end-to-end supply chain, reducing stock coverage while maintaining service levels and reducing obsolescence and out-of-stock issues
  • Make effective use of trade marketing spending (which should save several million dollars a year)

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