What matters to Cirrus Aircraft is creating a personal aviation experience for its owner community that’s the pinnacle of safety, innovation, quality and service.

The decision to purchase an aircraft is complex: Where do you learn to fly? Which airplane is right for your needs and where do you demo it? How do you finance and insure it? Where do you store and service it? How do you resell it when you’re ready to upgrade? Despite the complexities, a connected customer experience for aircraft owners and a 360-degree ecosystem around the plane didn’t exist within the industry.

Eric Miquelon, Avanade North America president, met with Zean Nielsen, Cirrus Aircraft CEO, to talk about how Cirrus Aircraft is delivering a connected digital experience even years after owners take delivery of their aircraft. Read the full interview and find out how customer experiences will power Cirrus Aircraft’s new era of growth.

“The experience we want to enable is one of arriving on time, safely, comfortably and recharged for your next activity, and we can’t do that without technology.”

Zean Nielsen CEO, Cirrus Aircraft

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