eBay's Microsoft Windows Azure platform migration

Business Situation

The value of goods sold on eBay in 2009 was nearly $60 billion, which translates into approximately $2,000 worth of sales every second. Maintaining the massive technical infrastructure that enables this level of sales means that the company is always looking for ways to drive IT efficiencies and service improvements.  This retailer began to explore how Microsoft’s cloud-based Microsoft Azure Platform might offer an alternative approach for the retailer to deploy and scale applications more quickly and cost effectively.


The project focused on migrating eBay’s single-page site for a hot commodity item to the Microsoft Azure platform. The site was selected because it represented a class of applications that needed to accommodate the load variations and demand spikes of popular items. Accenture and Avanade worked to build this type of marketplace in the cloud and enable hooks into the retailer’s existing operations and monitoring framework.


In just a few weeks, Accenture and Avanade developed a hosting solution for this retailer’s sub-site on the Microsoft Azure platform and confirmed that the retailer could provision application development services and host marketplace applications on the public cloud. With this work, the retailer experienced, first-hand, the platform’s flexibility, scalability, cost advantages and ease-of-use.

eBay Inc.

Case Study: eBay Microsoft Azure Platform Migration

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