Large European communications provider redesigns the customer experience


Avanade realised numerous results for this provider that has led to significant business results, including:

  • Unified customer interactions across all services. - The providers’ 2,500 agents across four call centres in Europe now have the ability to rapidly address customer inquiries and reduce average call handling times.
  • The ability to cross-sell and upsell services. - Bundling services is the overarching goal for this communication service provider. While improving overall customer service scores is the first imperative, the new system gives call centre staff the ability to, over  time, identify more cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  • Comprehensive data on which to measure success. - For the first time, the provider has intuitive dashboards that can measure overall operational effectiveness of its new CRM solution on customer satisfaction, call times and call volumes.
  • A streamlined desktop environment for all employees. - Windows 7 has optimised employees’ desktop environments with a faster and more efficient way to work. This dramatic improvement has also enabled call centre staff to more readily take advantage of all the new capabilities within its new CRM platform.

Business Situation

A Major European Communications Provider was faced with an all-too-common problem in the media industry: reducing customer call volumes and average call times, while also finding opportunities to upsell and cross-sell a wide variety of more complicated, bundled service packages. The provider’s growth into a multi-service provider of cable TV, broadband, mobile and home phone services across Europe came through acquisition. As a result, the provider faced several key challenges that it tasked Avanade to address, including:
  • Poor customer service -
    Despite numerous initiatives to improve the customer experience, customers were still more likely to call the contact centre than those purchasing services from competing brands.
  • Inability to cross-sell services -
    With so many back-end systems in place, call centre agents had little time during a customer inquiry to focus on up-selling or cross-selling communication services—a main priority of the service provider.
  • Disconnected systems -
    Adding to the business challenges were the existence of numerous legacy systems supporting customers in individual silo’s that did not reflect the customer across services. This forced call centre agents to log in separately to each individual system during a customer inquiry, while toggling back and forth between platforms to address a customer need.


​Avanade’s assessment of the providers’ back-end infrastructure led to the recommendation of building a framework over the top of its existing systems to provide rapid single sign-on access to all of its legacy solutions. This approach solved two goals for the business: reduce technical complexity of streamlining call centre functions without incurring significant costs from consolidating numerous systems.

Initially, the provider intended to use its existing billing system solutions provider to support these goals. But a technical Proof of Concept led by Avanade showed that a different approach could yield better results with less cost. Built with Microsoft’s Customer Care Accelerator for Dynamics CRM, the solution aimed to enhance call centre capabilities by streamlining the agent’s desktop and introducing customer service best practices. Avanade relied on its user experience design team to ensure workflow and usability aligned with call centre practices for higher adoption among staff. To make customer interactions even more effective, Avanade also designed and built a single landing page that provided call centre agents with a dashboard of all key customer information, extrapolated from numerous disparate systems working behind-the-scenes.  Two pilot phases proved that the solution could meet the company’s goals and a full rollout of the solution was completed soon after.

European Communications Provider

European Communications Provider case study

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