Heating & air conditioning installer springs from paper to mobile processes, boosting customer service and productivity

Business Situation

Bound by paper-based processes, workers for this large, well-established heating and air conditioning provider had to pick up and drop off job sheets each day, limiting their flexibility and mobility. Job sheet data was keyed in manually, leaving room for errors. Time involved in managing paper curbed opportunities for the company to grow.


Avanade, Microsoft and Accenture teamed to transform the way office staff and technicians worked. They replaced paper processes with an entirely mobile information system. Technicians are up to 20% more productive with the new system, while time spent on routine tasks has been slashed by 75%.


Using the entirely mobile system, technicians consult a custom service app on Windows Mobile software, running on a Motorola handheld device. Via the device, job information is delivered to technicians automatically, complete with each customer's address and records. The device also captures data in the field as work is completed, and sends it directly to the backend systems. A built-in GPS app helps technicians arrive at each job on time. Trips to the office have declined from twice per day to once every two days to restock parts. The company was so pleased with the redesigned work processes that it honored the project with its Innovation Award.

French heating & air installer

Service Provider Redesigns Work; Sees Productivity Rise by 15 - 20%

French heating & air installer

French heating/air conditioning installer used paper process for field workers, impacting customer service

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