Avanade helps global manufacturer redesign sales and service processes around the customer


Dealership owners for the first time have a single view of all customer data, from the initial sales process to support, inquiries and service, in a mobile tool that is aligned with how they interact with customers.

When the CRM solution is deployed globally, company decision makers will have real-time access to consolidated sales, customer and other data for more informed and timely decision making.

Customers are delighted with a higher level of personalized service that comes from dealership staff better understanding their individual wants and needs.

Global Manufacturer

Global Manufacturer Case study

Business Situation

A global motorcycle manufacturer turned to Avanade for help in re-evaluating its entire sales process — from how customers choose and purchase a motorcycle, to the way in which dealerships and other facets of the business work together to facilitate repairs and install customized accessories. The company knew it needed a comprehensive CRM solution. But with more than 1,000 dealerships in close to 100 countries, selecting a single platform to support its goals would be no small feat.


To bring the customer’s vision to life, Avanade brought together a team of user experience and technology experts who spent time in the dealerships and with company decision makers to gauge how a CRM platform could best meet the company’s goals. The Avanade team analyzed how dealership staff interacted with customers, gaining insight into what types of workflows and intuitive user design the company needed.

With this approach, Avanade designed a CRM platform suited to the company’s needs, then deployed it in a pilot program across 10 dealerships in multiple geographies. During the pilot, Avanade maintained and operated the cloud-based CRM solution in its own data centers.

The pilot phase enabled Avanade teams to go back into the field to further refine the solution and streamline workflows. With the pilot phase complete, the manufacturer is poised to realize numerous results as it rolls out the solution globally to 10,000 users.

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