Move from Lotus Notes to Office 365 with speed and precision

Business Situation

Business growth can be a tricky thing to achieve – it requires all kinds of moving parts to align in order to create the right conditions for sales and revenues to improve. ICA’s Lotus Notes-based email and internet messaging tools had been serving the firm’s employees for some time, but the email communications software lacked features, such as compatibility with certain types of mobile device and it didn’t allow screen sharing. 

ICA decided to move its existing Lotus Notes deployment to Microsoft’s cloud solution, Office 365. Microsoft asked technical consulting experts Avanade to help with the final stages of the pre-sales process.


Move from Lotus Notes to Office 365 with speed and precision


The project directive was to move the employees email from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365 and in parallel, switch from SameTime to Lync for IM, web meetings and screen sharing. 

Avanade engaged with highly skilled people to bring know how and a proven methodology built on experience from a large number of successfully delivered Enterprise Office 365 migrations.


Avanade’s extensive experience, automated tools and proven factory approach in this area meant the migration process – approximately 19,000 mailboxes and over 10 terabytes of data – was completed in record time. In fact, Avanade believes this project to be the fastest Lotus Notes-to-Office 365 migration ever carried out anywhere in the world.

"Avanade helped us to improve the user’s communications experience. We wanted to make it easy for our people to communicate with each other; it’s fundamental to our business continuity and ongoing success. If our people cannot share ideas and talk to one another then we will suffer – with this new system we have ensured the smooth communication flow and increased productivity across the company."

Mattias Bängs ICA’s Office 365 Service Owner

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