Interactive employees get new innovative tools to help improve the customer journey

Business Situation

Interactive is Australia’s largest privately-owned IT company, primarily involved in hardware maintenance, disaster recovery, business continuity and cloud managed services. The company was finding it difficult to serve its customers’ needs with its current ERP, which didn’t provide the right information for users. Creating an innovative workplace experience was integral to Interactive’s growth strategy, as it needed robust processes to achieve its targets.

To attract and retain the best talent, Interactive needed a modern enterprise solution that could match up with its goals, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the perfect solution.

“Whenever we came across a point that needed true collaboration, we were with someone who was partnering with us to solve problems. That's why in the end, we had a really successful implementation.”

Ari Bouras Director of Business Transformation & Legal, Interactive


Microsoft Dynamics 365 will create a modern workplace experience to support Interactive’s growth. Avanade showed the company that there was a benefit to implementing an ERP by developing a minimum viable product, or MVP, which reduced the risk of wasting money and time during an implementation.


As Interactive continues its transformation journey, the company now has much more robust processes in place, which are starting to give it better data to manage the business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has also dramatically improved the employee experience, because employees are now empowered with better tools. By improving employee satisfaction, Interactive will continue to improve the customer experience.

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