Microsoft is empowering the logistics crew at its Puget Sound campus to do more with less, resulting in better employee experiences, cost savings and efficiencies, and more environmentally responsible practices. By transforming its back-of-house logistics using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, employees can closely track the movement of deliveries and packages – such as office supplies and catered meals – across their campus. This is guided by a commitment to sustainability, with a focus on waste reduction and energy optimisation, and unlocks exciting generative AI opportunities.

    “Transforming the logistics and operations for the entire Puget Sound campus really shows the Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade partnership at its best. We’re bringing possibilities to life and showing the true power of the Microsoft platform. And, at the same time, we’re living out our values of sustainability and empowering people to do more.”

    Michelle Schaefer Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

    Business situation

    Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington is like a small city. The busy corporate campus, comprising nearly 14 million square feet of office space across 500 acres, accommodates more than 60,000 employees and numerous visitors each day. What matters to Microsoft is envisioning the workplace of the future as a sustainable model of productivity and empowerment for its people. The company saw an opportunity to digitally transform its campus logistics and operations system to provide efficient business processes, support sustainability and enable best-in-class employee and guest experiences.


    Microsoft worked with trusted partners and Microsoft ecosystem experts Accenture and Avanade – a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. The team focused on configuring Microsoft solutions and tools and integrating third-party applications into the overall user interface. Our in-depth knowledge of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform helped define the requirements for external vendor applications, ensuring they can integrate seamlessly and securely.

    Consider a day in the life of the crew working behind the scenes to provide a great experience to an employee who has ordered a new keyboard:

    • Her order is placed and entered into the Dynamics 365 portal to schedule the delivery.
    • A campus dock manager uses Dynamics 365 Field Service to check-in the package.
    • A driver loads the keyboard and consults the integrated route optimisation and management tool for the most efficient delivery route.
    • Upon receipt, a waste and recycling manager uses Dynamics 365 Inventory Management to recycle usable parts of the old keyboard and properly dispose of those that are not re-used.

    By automating delivery processes across campus, Microsoft’s digital logistics transformation provides employees and suppliers with an experience unlike any other workspace in the world.

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