Accelerating the Value of Cloud Adoption for Financial Services

Over the past few years, cloud has emerged as the future of the banking industry. The adoption of cloud technology has enabled banks to significantly increase agility, enhance customer experience, and achieve higher cost savings. North America, especially, has capitalised, leading all regions with 100% of banks already starting their migration in one way or another.

Despite cloud’s flexibility across functions and increasingly accessible nature, Accenture’s Banking Cloud Altimeter reports that only around 12% of workloads across banks in North America had been migrated by Spring of 2021. The fruits of cloud adoption in banking are ripe for the picking, but organisations are in great need of a boost in their migration.

  • How has the emergence of cloud technology transformed banking in recent years? What are some lessons learned from this transformation?
  • What can banks focus on and prioritise right now to enable an accelerated cloud adoption journey and maximise ROI?
  • What does the future of banking look like? Where is cloud technology heading next for the banking industry?

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Nicole Lanza Bio

Nicole Lanza
Banking Cloud Lead, North America, Accenture


Michelle Baxter Bio

Michelle Baxter
Global Financial Services Lead, Avanade


Sandeep Mangaraj Bio

Sandeep Mangaraj
Industry Executive, Digital Transformation Financial Services, Microsoft


Marla Sofer Bio

Marla Sofer
Industry Solutions, CTO Financial Services Cloud Lead, Microsoft


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