Avanade shares why positive experiences with UX and UI are essential to deliver fully engaging consumer experiences

Positive experiences with UX and UI are essential. Everyone wants to discover new techniques for how technology can help them easily manage their metadata and digital assets to unlock the power of content with personalisation at scale.

This on-demand webinar session led by Avanade’s Bayani Portier, Global Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Technology Lead, offers guidance to help you:

  • Learn new digital strategy best practices and approaches for metadata management, taxonomy organisation, and group collaboration to meet your UX/UI goals.
  • Discover how metadata can enable sophisticated personalisation by adding context to the customer experience and help empower content authors to produce content at scale to meet modern personalisation demands.
  • Explore critical aspects of mature DAMs that deliver today’s metadata objectives to better achieve business goals, from designing metadata models to creating controlled workflows.
  • Learn how you can use and reuse creative and content assets with applied stewardship and governance to best support compliance and business processes.
  • Hear real-world case studies and daily practices you can readily apply to your business to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand.

Watch now to learn how you can accelerate transformation in your organisation today.

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Bayani Portier Author Bio

Bayani Portier
Global Digital Marketing Technology Lead

As the Global Digital Marketing Technology Lead, Bayani advises Avanade's clients across industries on evolving their Digital Marketing Platforms into living Digital Marketing Ecosystems. Bayani's mission is to maximise the impact of Avanade's clients technology investment to enable marketing to create compelling digital experiences for their customers. His interests include marketing technology, digital product management, digital security, user experience, automation, AI & Machine Learning and agile innovation.


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