Organisations across the globe are moving through three phases as they react to the impact of COVID-19. First came the immediate and rapid response to remote working, now the chance to reset, before renewing the way your organisation operates going forward.

The instinctive response created an explosive demand for a remote working capability. Now – as we move out of that initial phase – organisations can rethink the potential value that their flexible workplace environment can deliver in a reshaped world.

This webinar explains how Microsoft Teams can enhance your organisation’s talent agility – empowering your employees to respond to changes efficiently and nimbly, while evolving the way business processes are executed and rethinking how work gets done.

Whether you’re in the middle of an ongoing workplace transformation or have had to pivot to a completely new operating model at speed, we have examples to help you get the most from a redrawn world of work.

We’ll share learnings gleaned from working with organisations across the globe – including how we helped the NHS to roll-out one of the largest Teams deployments ever in record time. And we’ll discuss how Teams can help you design new products and services, control costs and serve customers more effectively.

Join us to hear:

  • How to ensure business continuity in the remote working and social distancing age
  • Best practices around effective remote working with employees, contractors, customers and your supply chain
  • How Teams can help you survive an economic slowdown and build a more resilient, agile and efficient business
  • The steps organisations are taking to redesign their operational blueprint
  • How you can position your organisation to re-emerge strongly and gain share in the recovery

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Keith Hudgell

Keith Hudgell
Europe Workplace Platform Modernization Lead, Avanade

Keith Hudgell has, for the last 20 years, led global consulting services organizations that sell, design, architect, implement and manage complex technology solutions. Today Keith leads Avanade’s Workplace Modernization Offering and focuses on ensuring clients needs are designed with the end user in mind, providing end to end digital solutions that help clients maximise the potential of their employees by increasing their ability to communicate, collaborate and be more productive in a digital and mobile world.

Tom Hoglund

Tom Hoglund
Modern Workplace Executive, Avanade

Tom leads Avanade’s global practice around Microsoft Teams. Tom helps clients drive business value through better communication, collaboration and creation of engaging experiences for workers to be more effective at their jobs and accelerate business processes.


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