It’s time to rethink retail

The retail industry has been dealing with a number of challenges the last few years: increased complexity in the supply chain, more demand for online and omnichannel shopping experiences, shortage of qualified talent and rapidly changing customer preferences to name a few. All these scenarios were intensified by the pandemic, forcing some retailers out of business and leaving others actively rethinking the best way to move forward efficiently and responsibly. Through it all there remains one constant: Retailers cannot afford to be this unprepared again.

Some reinvention will be necessary immediately to show customers and employees that retailers really understand and appreciate their wants and needs. We have a three-phase plan (Respond, Reset, Renew) to help you organise your rethink journey but the ultimate procedure is to constantly renew your organisation so you can be prepared for the next disruption, whenever it may occur.

We have lots of ideas on where and how to prioritise next steps. So, take a breath or two, then focus on how to rethink and prepare for the future. We have plenty of experience in the retail industry to draw upon. Here’s what one of our clients said about us:

"It was important for us to update our systems, and we needed a partner who understood and could handle the extent of our digital transformation. For us, it was a learning experience at all levels of the company to grow and find out what it really meant to be process-oriented."

Maja Robertsson Director of Logistic and IT, OKQ8 Skandinavia

The future is just that: the future and it’s a scary one for many retailers. But recent months have proven we can all learn and adapt fast if we are willing to break with convention. There are ways to ensure that your retail company will be more resilient and sure-footed. Let us help you find out what works best for you.

    Our retail expertise

    Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Our combined industry, strategic and technical expertise means we understand the unique complexities of the retail market.

    We can help you create an intelligent retail experience. We can deliver innovations such as advanced store replenishment, master data synchronisation, assisted selling, next-generation retail management infrastructure, digital marketing, intelligent revenue growth, predictive analytics, and multichannel service and fulfillment.

    Our retail expertise is extensive:

    • We have over 2,400 retail industry professionals.
    • We currently have more than 100 large retail projects worldwide.
    • Eleven out of the world’s 40 largest retailers are Avanade clients.
    • More than 700 of our global delivery people are focused on retail.
    • We are well known in the industry for our innovative presence at NRF and other industry events.
    Rethink the way forward

    5 priorities to guide retailers through the pandemic and emerge from it successfully.

    The New Retail Environment Means New Business Priorities

    ON DEMAND - Strategies for reconnecting with Customers and Associates as the economy reopens.

    Future Ready. Now. Retail Point of View

    Future Ready. Now. research points to a well-planned and implemented digital transformation roadmap as a way for retailers to get to future ready.

    Are you a future-ready retailer?

    Learn about the three dimensions of our Future Ready. Now. approach.

    The Intelligent Retailer

    Provide a seamless experience to customers across all channels.

    Modern Workplace

    To boost competitive advantage, think beyond EX with modern platforms and optimised technology.

    Contactless Commerce

    Start or update your Buy Online, Pick up at Store experience.

    Analytics and AI

    Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.


    Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

    Next steps

    Find out how you can deliver a connected retail experience for your customers.

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