Digital transformation is a top priority for Dutch and Belgian companies, but fatigue and skill shortages are hampering progress

Study by Avanade reveals that despite fatigue, digital transformation in the Netherlands and Belgium is still ahead of the rest of world

UTRECHT - October 29, 2019

While the majority (87.5 percent) of Dutch and Belgian business leaders cite digital transformation as a top three priority, on average 50 percent of organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium believe that progress is being delayed due to the onset of ‘digital transformation fatigue’ according to research published by Avanade, the leading digital innovator on the Microsoft ecosystem

Avanade’s global survey of 1,150 senior executives found that fatigue was the result of a number of challenges being encountered during the transformation process, the biggest of which in the Netherlands and Belgium, was the hiring of relevant expertise:

Biggest barriers to digital transformation in the Netherlands and Belgium:

  • hiring and training suitable employees with the right knowledge and skills required for the transformation process (50 percent)
  • investment in new technologies and innovation without integrating them with current systems (45 percent)
  • challenges around modernizing current systems and processes (41 percent)
  • too fragmented corporate culture that does not embrace extensive changes (31 percent).

Meanwhile, Dutch and Belgian organisations scored better than the global average at having the right tools (technologies for integration) that are needed for transformation. Only 17 percent of the executives surveyed consider this a barrier, compared to 28 percent worldwide.

Critical systems modernized but not yet in the Cloud
Despite a feeling of "fatigue", companies in the Netherlands and Belgium are ahead in their digital transformation journeys compared with the rest of the world; more than half (51 percent) of Dutch and Belgian respondents indicated that they have already modernized or replaced their business-critical systems vs the global average of 40 percent. The survey revealed the expected higher growth as the biggest draw for replacing critical systems (13 percent) followed closely by increasing market share (10 percent), increasing productivity (10 percent), increasing agility (10 percent) and reducing costs (9 percent).

However, the Netherlands and Belgium are behind when it comes to the transition to the cloud. On average, 79 percent of companies worldwide have moved their activities to the cloud to better integrate new intelligent technology within the organisation. In the Netherlands and Belgium this average is only 70 percent.

"Belgian and Dutch companies see many advantages in digital transformation. Business leaders value the evolution and growth of their business, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and flexibility when considering digital transformation. What's more, such a transition also benefits employee productivity," explains Johann Corlemeijer, Country Manager at Avanade Belgium. "Innovation, efficiency and (customer) experience are the three factors on which Avanade focuses for every successful digital transformation. Companies differ and each company faces different challenges. Our research shows that an optimal combination of these three building blocks leads to the best results."

About the investigation

Vanson Bourne interviewed 1,150 senior executives on behalf of Avanade (of which 100 in the Netherlands and Belgium). The survey was closed in June 2019. Respondents are from Europe, North America and Asia, working for organisations with annual revenues between $ 500 million and + $ 10 million dollar and are active in industries such as communication, media, high-tech, financial services, health and public services.

About Avanade

Avanade is the leading supplier of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-driven experiences within the Microsoft ecosystem. Our professionals combine innovative ideas with technology, business and industrial expertise to make a human impact on our customers, their customers and their employees. In addition, with our Advisory Services we also offer practical strategies to design, accelerate and prepare our customers for the future. We are the power behind the Accenture Microsoft Business Group and help companies to bind customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products using the Microsoft platform. Avanade has 37,000 professionals in 25 countries and give our customers our best ideas because we work in a diverse collaboration culture. Largely owned by Accenture, Avanade was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation. You can find more information on www.avanade.com.



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