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Today, AI and analytics are the great equaliser, where smaller organisations can create big presence and big companies can create intimate connections. The opportunity for data, AI and analytics at scale is limitless in a world on unknowns. Data and AI in business provides unlimited opportunity and major competitive advantage. Avanade believes that AI is the next wave of computing, a technology that will influence nearly every area of business. And generative AI – the newest generation of AI models from OpenAI and Microsoft, built on Microsoft supercomputers, and based on incredibly massive data sets – is poised to help businesses reinvent productivity, business process, human experiences and more.

While many organisations dream in artificial intelligence, Avanade’s AI solutions helps make that real, helping you wring every ounce of value out of your data and analytics strategy. Capabilities from generative AI to intelligent automation to data modernisation and more help bring unprecedented insights to life and maximise the value of data and business impact.

What AI and analytics challenges keeps you up at night?

AI and Analytics Solutions

Avanade’s Analytics and AI services can help you achieve your vision for the future.


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We deliver results for clients and their customers through a combination of our expertise, unparalleled access to the Microsoft ecosystem, and deep investment in analytics and AI.

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