Prepare for your digital journey in a cloud-first world

Legacy IT systems can create a dilemma. While still critical, they can also be an obstacle to the operation and growth of your business. Over time, existing enterprise systems can prove expensive, as their inability to respond to business process change prevents work from being done in new, more effective ways.

Avanade provides Modernisation Services that don’t just drive reduced cost, risk and increased agility. By focusing on the user experience, our approach creates additional business value that results in increased collaboration, productivity and revenue. We do this by consolidating, re-architecting, migrating, replacing and automating your IT systems.

This modernised state puts you on the right road for your digital journey.

“We realized that we didn’t have the experience and knowledge and the ability to expand to actually meet the regulatory challenges facing us. We looked to partner with Avanade to augment our current capabilities and to modernize our IT technology.”

Client Avanade, source : livre blanc d’IDC parrainé par Avanade « Using Avanade’s Managed Services to Unlock Business Value », document numéro 41895316, décembre 2016.

The benefits of modernising legacy IT systems

The advantages of modernisation are clear:
  • Speed: Modernised IT systems can be changed faster, enhancing the agility of your business so it can respond more quickly to market dynamics.
  • Scalability and stability: Our specialised expertise helps you address challenges associated with legacy software such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Commerce Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server.
  • One global enterprise: Integrated modern platforms and services enable teams to work more seamlessly, effectively and securely across geographies, business units and partners.
  • Improved engagement: Engagement increases when you give everyone a better user experience and provide a platform for increased productivity, creativity and innovation.

Delivering a modernised experience

By taking a user experience approach to modernization, we drive real business value through transformational and consultative services that include:

  • Application Modernization and Migration.
  • Collaboration Modernization and Migration.
  • Infrastructure Modernization and Migration. 
We also make our Modernization Services an integral part of the managed services we deliver for our clients.

Global expertise in modernising Microsoft technologies

We know the Microsoft technology ecosystem inside out. We should. Avanade was formed as a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Together with Accenture, we’re a leader at modernising your Microsoft investment.
  • Our solution migration factories for workplace, messaging, SharePoint and applications minimise the cost and risk of migration through an automated and industrialised process.
  • Our intelligent tools enable us to analyse your complete Microsoft technology investment, covering .NET, SharePoint, Exchange, VB2NET and more to fast track your migration. 
  • Our onshore, nearshore and offshore expertise delivers the right sourcing model for your business. 
  • Our modernisation “cookbooks” are continually improved and are based on over 15 years of experience delivering enterprise-class modernisation projects around the world.

Next steps

Find out how we can work together to make modernisation a success for your business.

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