Make every brand moment count

Your customers are more connected, informed and empowered than ever before. Has your marketing evolved to capture their attention at the right time so they continually engage and advocate for your brand?

To make that kind of impact, you must digitally transform and connect the entire customer journey – from sales to marketing, customer service and beyond. With an integrated platform and data that provide a complete view of your customers, you can personalise customer experiences across every touchpoint at global scale. And by using modern technologies like machine learning and AI, you can build intuitive brand moments at speed.

We understand the complexities and opportunities of connected marketing, and the different approaches to achieve it. To help you surpass your customers’ expectations, we offer comprehensive Digital Marketing solutions across strategy, design, analytics and AI, and technology services.

“This project has fundamentally changed the way OUA delivers access and choice to students seeking higher education opportunities. It has also provided the foundations for future improvements, allowing us to address immediate challenges while building solutions that will drive results for us long-term.”

Catherine Reynolds Head of Consumer Marketing, Open Universities Australia (OUA)

Benefits: intelligence, engagement, conversions

We offer end-to-end digital marketing services that enable your team to create and deliver effective marketing strategies and campaigns. Avanade’s Digital Marketing services help businesses:

  • Connect customer data to enrich interactions across the customer lifecycle
  • Assess and optimise digital content and manage campaigns
  • Revise and refine campaign content to increase impact
  • Deliver contextual, personalised experiences that boost sales and loyalty
  • Embrace new buying behaviours with modern e-commerce capabilities
  • Innovate with compelling brand experiences for mobile, IoT and emerging extended reality (XR) platforms

Disconnected martech is leaving money on the table

61% of businesses are losing revenue because of their martech stack, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


Connect your martech – and get connected to your customers

Research uncovers barriers to great customer experiences.


Set your digital marketing strategy in motion

Avanade, Sitecore and Volvo Cars discuss key strategies that organisations are applying today to create exceptional digital experiences.

Our digital marketing expertise

We blend creativity, innovation and technology to deliver customer experiences that drive value. And we can do it consistently, at scale and across every brand touchpoint and channel. We have:

  • More than 250 digital marketing clients in 21 countries
  • Provided ongoing support for 100+ global clients with Digital Marketing Managed Services
  • Won 21 industry experience awards, in partnership with our clients, in the last five years
  • Over 700 UX professionals and 38 LUMA Human-centred Design practitioners
  • 3,500 analytics professionals and 4,200 business excellence and automation experts
Navigate to sustainable CX

Learn how to drive content performance in the ‘Age of Instant’.

Experience Upshifted: CX Series

Experience, upshifted: A CX Series on the Go is a 10-episode video series featuring Rowan Holloway of Volvo Cars and Ant Wickham of Avanade who discuss how future-ready brands successfully evolve their customer experience.

8 critical elements for your brand's next chatbot

From purpose to personality, learn about the 8 critical elements to consider when building chatbots to improve your customer experience and enhance your brand.

Next steps

Find out more about how our Digital Marketing services can help you connect with today’s customers.

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