Become an indispensable digital banking partner to your customers

The digital age and fintech revolution are enlightening customers about more convenient, proactive and personalised banking services. In addition, research has found that the disjointed and incomplete experiences in traditional banking are driving customers to consider non-traditional alternatives.

How does a traditional bank succeed in this new landscape? By becoming an “everyday bank.”

Harness the power of customer insights

An everyday bank is an indispensable partner to its customers, offering products and services the customer needs rather than what the institution wants to offer. Harnessing the power of customer insight is a key to becoming an everyday bank.

Our Customer Analytics and Insights solution helps banks apply customer insight during interactions across the customer journey. The result is next best action capabilities that enable banks to deliver the personalised experiences and advice that create greater value for the customer and drive success for the bank.

Banking on change: Providing an intelligent customer experience

The benefits of providing personalised customer interactions

Developed on the Microsoft platform and leveraging Accenture financial services expertise, the Avanade Customer Analytics and Insights (ACAI) solution brings together innovative analytics capabilities and customer-facing technologies into a single integrated solution. A patented Customer Analytic Record (CAR) provides a complete omni-channel view of customer activity. ACAI then uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to analyse customer activity and predict behaviour to recommend next best actions.

These next best actions can be presented and executed in any distribution and channel system. The result is a solution that enables the real-time decision-making and recommendations that personalise any inbound or outbound customer interactions.

ACAI solution

Turns data into insights. Turns insights into action.

Accenture and Avanade launch ACAI

Solution helps deliver customer insights and value.

ACAI solution for banks

Drive personalised next best actions across channels.

Our banking and analytics expertise

Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Our experts have deep knowledge about the complexities of the banking industry, and know how to deploy digital technology to transform banks’ operations. We’ve helped over 300 financial services firms worldwide, including seven of the 10 largest banks worldwide.

We’re also a leading integrator and innovator of Microsoft data and analytics solutions and customer relationship management solutions. We have:

  • Delivered analytics systems for over 550 enterprises across multiple industries.
  • More Microsoft business intelligence certifications than any other provider.
  • Over 3,400 analytics resources globally, with more than 2,000 man-years of data and analytics experience.
  • Over 900 customer relationship management consultants globally.
  • Received the 2015 Microsoft CRM partner of the year.

Research and Insights

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Next steps

Find out how you can use improved analytics and insight to become your customers’ everyday bank.

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