It’s time to rethink your Workplace Experience

“Avanade is a leader in combining business understanding, employee experience and technology expertise in the digital workplace.” Angela Salmeron, European Future of Work Lead, IDC.

A new world of work demands a new holistic workplace approach for survival and growth. Workplace Experience (WX) embraces the entire workplace to drive sustainable value. It combines technology, operations, culture and employee experience in a comprehensive approach focused on cost efficiency, productivity and growth.

And this holistic framework is more important than ever right now. In our new WX Point of View, we explore how you can prepare for “unknown unknowns” and outperform your competitors during the recovery. Find out how – read our workplace guide today.

Thrive in a high-risk world

Embrace WX to build your business resilience, improve your agility and outpace competitors

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We can help put your workplace at the heart of your business evolution.


Our latest thinking on Workplace Experience and the modern workplace.

Client stories

WX drives resilience, agility and competitive advantage. We’ve helped these clients transform their workplace strategy with WX.

Next steps

Find out more about how to make your workplace a creator of sustainable value.

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