Recent global events have intensified the need for employees to be able to work remotely. Organisations are looking to rapidly enable remote working at scale, in a secure and sustainable way.

Through our experience, clients often need immediate help in 3 common areas. And Avanade has developed three rapid deployment programmes to help:

  • Microsoft Teams - Enablement of Teams, security and collaboration capabilities.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop - Deployment of features like Exchange, Microsoft Office and File sharing.
  • Security - Deployment of Microsoft and Partner Security solutions that enable an effective response for security incidents and risks.

Our programmes create a highly extensible environment that allows organisations to quickly scale and adapt to changing business needs.

We have helped clients of all sizes - including the deployment of Microsoft Teams to 1.2 million employees in 7 days. Click on one of the boxes below to find out more.


Rapid Deployment Programme

Get an overview of all three rapid deployment programmes.


Microsoft Teams

So that your employees can work remotely with enhanced collaboration and capability.


Windows Virtual Desktop

So that your employees get a similar remote desktop experience that mirrors their current one.



To help maintain compliance and protect your organisation.

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