Do what matters to sustain growth and innovation after end-of-life software

The evolution of cloud marks a new era in how and where we work. And it’s ushering in the next big wave of legacy technology extinction. The casualty: Your on-premises systems and legacy software.

If your organization is using any technology products approaching end-of-life (EOL) software support, the time to act is now. It is critical to update your technologies as soon as possible or face the risks that come with using end-of-support products:

  • No security fixes or updates leaving you vulnerable to attacks from any new, enhanced or emerging security threat
  • Higher operating costs to independently run out-of-support products, not to mention the business cost if an outage occurs
  • Reduced performance as older technologies are prone to disruptions and outages
  • Software incompatibility keeping you from experiencing the latest and greatest versions of business systems and applications
  • Slower transformation and unrealized business value delaying innovation for your customers and employees
Avanade’s end-of-life software support

How to mitigate risk for EOL software

A simplified architecture to keep your IT current, supported and secure

Our EOL product assessment and roadmap will help you strategically plan the steps necessary to take your product through the retirement process.

We can help automate many of the steps with our agile-based delivery methodology, solutions and set of accelerators, enabling you to realize quick wins while minimizing risk and disruption.

Lower hardware and data center management costs

Lower hardware and data center management costs

Minimize technology debt

Minimize technology debt

Preserve data security and system compatibility

Preserve data security and system compatibility

Open new opportunities for future innovation

Open new opportunities for future innovation

Once you’ve begun your digital transformation journey, our experts can help you manage and evolve technology platforms to unlock lasting business value that rapidly outpaces extinction. By making small, continuous changes to your technology ecosystem, you don’t have worry about future big bang transformations.


Why Avanade for EOL support?

We specialize in modernizing Microsoft infrastructure and applications.

  • Over 60,000+ Microsoft certifications – one of the world’s largest communities of Microsoft certified professionals
  • 18 Gold Competencies – more than any other Microsoft partner
  • 39 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals
  • Deep experience with large-scale Microsoft technology implementations: Over a million Windows seats installed 
  • Over 4 million Office 365 seats implemented 
  • 3,000-plus SharePoint projects for 600 clients 
  • A leader in Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments
  • Over 100+ Microsoft partner awards 
  • 17 times Microsoft Global Systems Integrator (GSI) Partner of the Year (with Accenture)

Microsoft Partner of the Year

How we support our clients with EOL

Next Steps

Learn how to manage your IT investments while strategically planning for the future.

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