The Future of the Healthcare Industry Podcast – Episode 1: Post the Pandemic

Listen as Cecil Lynch, Chief Medical Information Officer at Accenture, answers questions about the future of healthcare. Learn about what types of healthcare services and business models might permanently remain. Will there be a shift in where care is delivered and which capabilities, relationships and assets will be most important to establish now for the future?

Learn about the more permanent changes digital innovation has helped to shape and what new healthcare services and models will most likely emerge moving forward.

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Debra Williams 

Debra Williams
Global Marketing Lead for Health, Avanade

Debra has product and strategic marketing experience in technology and healthcare including marketing roles for large healthcare technology companies and provider organisations as well as startup experience in practice management.

Cecil Lynch 

Cecil Lynch, MD, MS
Chief Medical Information Officer, Accenture

Cecil Lynch has extensive domain expertise in medical practice and Health Information Technology. He is a thought leader and international advisor on Health Informatics and has served in advisory roles to the US Centers for Disease Control, the National Cancer Institute, Department of Health and Human Services, and the European Commission Centre's for Disease. He is a business executive expert in Data Standards, Cloud Migrations; Enterprise Architecture, Data Mining and Innovation in Healthcare and is the product Owner for the Accenture Healthcare Platform on Azure.

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