The changing workplace

The nature of work is changing, and with it, workplaces are changing too. Being able to adapt to the new expectations of the workforce and best use technology to empower employees is critical to attract and retain talent.

To provide a modernized workplace, organizations must give employees a seamless experience. This requires you to move away from technology silos. Instead, devices, security, data, collaboration and applications must be integrated to maximize efficiency and productivity for employees, driven by a cloud-first model.

Creating the foundation to benefit from a digital workplace

To maximize the benefits of a digital workplace means creating strong foundations. This begins with a workplace modernization strategy with desktop modernization at its core. Avanade’s approach to developing this strategy starts with a holistic view of the goals of both IT and the business, through the lens of collaboration, productivity and innovation – with a key focus on the end-user experience.

A key foundational element is Microsoft Windows 10. To realise the full value of Windows 10 requires leaving the traditional forklift migration approach behind. With our holistic approach, we can help you determine how best to pair Windows 10 with supporting security and collaboration technologies, plus the power of the cloud. This combination enables the business to be more agile and makes it possible for employees to work in new and innovative ways. Using our proven industrialized delivery tools, such as Accelerate for Workplace, we can get you there faster, with less risk and minimal user disruption.

Our world-leading expertise

For many, providing the required mobility and collaboration environment and a true “anytime, anywhere, any device solution” is increasingly difficult in a world where data is becoming the new perimeter.

We can help you shape your desktop modernization strategy to maximize, integrate and secure your wider workplace modernization investments in mobility, real-time messaging and collaboration – laying the foundation for your digital workplace. Our approach and expertise can help transform your environment into a highly secure, cloud-integrated, self-service environment that lets your business use IT as a true enabler.

Our track record includes:

  • Some of the largest Windows 10 migrations in the world, some with over 165,000 seats
  • Migration of more than 10 million desktops
  • Migration of 40,000 devices in a single month leveraging Accelerate for Workplace, our unique toolset
  • More Office 365 seats deployed across Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business than any other Microsoft partner
  • Saved clients more than 30% in desktop management costs

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