An easier, faster journey to the cloud

Digital journeys – once arduous, complex and costly. No more, thanks to our partnership with Docker, the leading container solution, which helps enterprises accelerate and simplify their path to the cloud.

The combined power of Avanade, Docker and Microsoft Azure gives enterprises unprecedented flexibility and freedom of choice while reducing complexity and expense. With our cloud transformation expertise, organisations can shrink application delivery from months to minutes, seamlessly move workloads between data centres and the cloud, and achieve up to 20x greater computing-resource efficiency.

“We help our clients to reap the maximum benefit from cloud computing – from infrastructure through to platforms and applications. Leveraging technologies including Docker containers and Microsoft Azure, as well as methodologies like our Modern Engineering Platform, our clients benefit from the most manageable and cost-effective solutions available.”

Rob Leach Avanade, Cloud Transformation Executive

No pain. Big gains.

According to our research, around two-thirds (65%) of senior IT decision makers believe existing IT infrastructures aren’t fit for the purpose they need to serve today. Whether it’s inefficiency, a lack of agility, spiraling costs, competitive pressures or customer expectations – legacy applications are being placed under an extreme and often unsustainable strain.

Our partnership with Docker changes everything. It gives you the flexibility to choose how to address your application requirements, and allows you to move major parts of your business to the cloud with unprecedented ease.

Not so long ago, modernising or lifting and shifting your application estate to the cloud might have meant absorbing costs that exceeded the price of leaving them in a data centre. Today, with the help of Docker, the process is simple and swift.

It’s also more cost-efficient. Wring costs from your IT, and redirect resources to where they can deliver the highest return. Ultimately, modernising your applications means you can transform your business.

Expertise gained across the years (and across the globe)

Our Azure expertise and application modernisation experience is complemented by unmatched app development, hybrid environment, digital transformation and cloud migration capabilities. With this comprehensive know-how, we can advise you when the Docker container platform is right for your technology journey, and how best to use it to support your business strategy. All at the right pace for you.

We are:

  • The world’s leader in Microsoft Certified Professionals for developing Azure and web services
  • The world’s leader in Microsoft Certified .NET Professionals
  • Microsoft Alliance Partner of the Year for 10 straight years
  • 2017 Worldwide Consulting and SI Microsoft Azure Alliance Partner of the Year
  • The ROI experts, with IDC research showing our managed services return $5 for every $1 spent
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