Together, we build winning customer experiences

Do you really know your customers? Do you understand their behaviour? Are you able to respond quickly to changing expectations and market conditions? These capabilities are key to creating winning experiences that delight customers, build loyalty and beat the competition.

Together, Avanade and Sitecore can help you build digital customer experiences that provide the agility to get new messages into market – fast. We connect you and your brand to your customers and the channels they use, personalising and monetising the experience. We can help you create new end-to-end experiences – from design to data and everything in between.

"We implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform on Microsoft Azure to quickly pass important, high-level tasks through our PDCA (plan–do–check–act) methodology. The overwhelming support of consumers for our sites in such a short time frame is a testament to the efficacy and speed of PDCA."

Kazuya Ishida Business Development Manager, Nippon Express

Our joint approach to customer experience

Organisations that know their customers and get the experience right will win. But how do you build those winning experiences? The key is to focus on a few areas that can deliver the most impact. Using the Sitecore Experience Platform, Avanade and Sitecore can help you:

  • Generate and connect the data about your customers across every channel.
  • Personalise the experience everywhere and measure its effectiveness.
  • Treat your customers based on their potential lifetime value.
  • Use industrialised technology platforms and services to focus on a better customer experience.

How can you impact your bottom line?

Investing in a customer experience strategy can increase revenue 11 percent.

The results are in the ROI

It’s one thing to build a winning customer experience. It’s another to keep it sharp and relevant over time.

Through our Digital Marketing Analytics services, Avanade helps you harness the inherent data and analytics capabilities within Sitecore. We unify all of your data sources and unlock the insights so you can get going fast and keep going strong. The result: personalised, data-driven experiences that produce marketing ROI.

Keep pace with changing expectations

If you’re looking for speed, agility and cost management from your marketing capabilities, managed services can deliver. Avanade’s Digital Marketing Managed Services help you keep pace with dynamic customer expectations.

We are Sitecore’s only global managed services partner with over 20 managed services clients. Our solution provides ongoing, comprehensive, omni-channel support to understand individual customer lifecycles and lifetime value.

    Our Sitecore expertise

    Combining creative and technology expertise at global scale, Avanade helps enterprises improve the digital customer experience and win their digital future. And Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. Together, we’re hard to beat.

    With more Sitecore-certified professionals than any other partner and as Sitecore’s first and only Global Platinum Implementation Partner, we know how to get the most from the customer experience management platform. We have:

    • Delivered more Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure than any other provider.
    • 900-plus Sitecore Certified Developers, 12 Sitecore MVPs.
    • More than 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists.
    • 100-plus Sitecore customers in 21 countries.
    • Received 11 Sitecore Site of the Year and Experience Awards.
    • Received the prestigious “Winning Together Award,” partnering with Sitecore, Accenture and TCS.

    Digital banking customer experience

    Banks can earn 5x return on their CX investment.

    Customer experience can impact your bottom line

    Research from Avanade and Sitecore shows the value of compelling customer experiences.

    Digital customer experiences that matter

    Know your customers; create winning experiences.

    Digital retail customer experience

    Create a seamless experience for your retail customers.

    Cricket Australia delights fans

    Harnessing the power of digital to redefine customer experience.

    Nippon Express engages with digital customers

    Avanade helps company leverage the Sitecore Experience Platform.

    AGL’s digital differentiation

    Energy company delivers a high-value digital customer experience.

    Digital Marketing

    Deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and enhance your brand.

    Digital Marketing Analytics

    Understand your customers in ways you have never imagined.

    Accenture-Avanade-Microsoft Alliance

    Being number one is a team effort. You need the power of three.

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    Strategic Partnerships

    Delivering the technology your business depends on every day.

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