Avanade’s all-up cloud push boosts business value

Business Situation

Avanade is no stranger to the cloud. But only until a few years ago, Avanade’s use of the cloud was relatively modest. In 2012, just 27 percent of its internal business applications were delivered over the cloud. Did it matter? Avanade decided that it very much did.

The same factors affecting many of its clients were affecting the company itself: the accelerating pace of technology changes and a growing array of cloud based SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS options allowed Avanade to achieve:
  • Greater agility
  • More strategic use of IT resources
  • Reduced costs and improved expense manageme


Avanade Cloud Adoption Case Study

"Avanade’s cloud strategy is all about helping the company to become a truly digital business that operates with greater agility, a greater focus on adding business value, and a greater ability to manage"

Chris Miller Executive and Security Innovation Lead, Avanade


To the cloud: Office 365
In 2013, Avanade started plans to upgrade its deployment of their broadly used Microsoft SharePoint platform for intranet, extranet, and its public-facing website. The last major SharePoint upgrade had a $1 million price tag and took a year to implement – an experience no one wanted to repeat.

SharePoint for Extranet, Intranet

Avanade subsequently adopted SharePoint Online for its extranet and file storage, and for its intranet.

The extranet is mission-critical at Avanade, consisting in part of project team spaces where consultants and their clients collaborate. Moving this from an on-premises deployment to SharePoint Online made great sense, because it gives Avanade the flexibility to add and delete sites quickly and cost effectively, and makes it easier to manage user authentication and access.

Sitecore on Azure for Website

Avanade also wanted to move its public-facing website, Avanade.com, from on premise SharePoint to the cloud.

“SharePoint is superb as a collaboration tool within an enterprise or at the edge—with clients and suppliers,” Kim Kamla, Director of Enterprise Applications. “But for our public site, we wanted a platform that was less expensive, in part because we could run it with less customization.”


Through its use of the cloud, Avanade is supporting more employees on more workloads and providing more services to those employees than ever before—without a comparable increase in the overall ITS budget. It improved productivity allows Avanade to invest in new services and workloads that make Avanade even better at doing what counts most: serving its customers.

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