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Most companies can afford to migrate to the cloud slowly, moving one, or at most, a few apps at a time. Then there’s Bonava. As a result of its parent company deciding to spin Bonava off as an independent business, the European housing developer had a nine-month deadline to move its entire infrastructure and application landscape. In addition, it had to solve all the mobility and security challenges of its new environment.

Given the limitations of time and money, coupled with the imposition of a largely on-premises solution, the company didn’t have time to replicate its previous IT environment.

“From our experience with Microsoft, we knew it had the best mobility, security, and cloud solution for us with the most complete set of services. And we knew that Avanade was the best partner to work with given its deep insight and skill set with Microsoft technology. We couldn’t have made our successful journey to the cloud without their leading-edge services.”

Patrik Ström CIO, Bonava


Knowing that it wanted Microsoft technology and Avanade to help with its cloud transformation, Bonava got a running start. The solution was a modern secure enterprise with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Office 365 and Windows 10 Enterprise. This provided the mobile- and cloud-first infrastructure the company wanted to enable secure anywhere, anytime network access without expensive and cumbersome VPNs. It also fulfilled another business requirement around colleague and vendor collaboration. The three products, licensed together as Secure Productive Enterprise, work together to provide the most trusted, secure and productive way for Bonava to work across its highly diverse – and dispersed – enterprise.


Bonava succeeded in its mission to quickly re-establish its IT environment in the cloud. Ström attributes much of that success to a management solution that could cover all of Bonava’s temporary job sites, the expanding number of regional offices, its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and hundreds of mobile devices.

While some companies perform a lift-and-shift migration that keeps them from realising the full benefit of the cloud, Bonava found the right technology - and the right technology services provider – to fully transform its IT in the cloud. Bonava employees now have new ways to be increasingly effective in the digital workplace. Where they once faced challenges of transmitting massive files, compiling changes and doing time-consuming cross-correlation checks, employees can now perform these tasks in real time. Strom explains, “Add up all that savings over the life of a given project and it might shorten the design-and-construction process by months.”

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