Emery Oleochemicals boosts collaboration with Avanade.


To ensure that Emery Oleochemicals’ user experience and functionality objectives were met, Avanade formed a multi-disciplinary team to develop a solution, including a blend of experience design and SharePoint technology experts.

Following an initial assessment, Avanade implemented a number of user experience and policy enhancements to the FRIDAY platform. Significantly, Avanade converted a number of niche third-party customizations to best-practice coding configurations that will make it easier to manage and enhance the platform going forward.


Avanade also worked closely with the Emery Oleochemicals team to develop a content strategy that would create renewed engagement among the company’s employees globally.

“We were able to ‘put our heads together’ as a combined group and develop a number of brilliant ideas that gained real traction with employees,” Purnariksha said.

One notable success was the launch of a campaign to coincide with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Using gamification techniques to reward employees for participation, the campaign helped to drive awareness and usage of the updated intranet, with almost 65,000 page views recorded across the globe.

Emery Oleochemicals

Emery Oleochemicals – Collaboration Case Study

Business Situation

To support employee engagement and foster a collaborative culture, Emery Oleochemicals had implemented a SharePoint-based intranet called FRIDAY to enable teams around the world to easily access company information and communicate with each other. When enhancements were required, an experienced partner was sought to assist.

“Most suppliers are either experts on programming, or on user experience – but not both,” said Ruj Purnariksha, Director of Global Corporate Communications at Emery Oleochemicals, whose team owns the corporate intranet. “We went to Microsoft and asked for some recommendations, and then through a selection process we chose Avanade. What particularly struck me was the way that Avanade manages its own intranet, which I saw as an opportunity for us to benefit from for the FRIDAY platform.”

For Emery Oleochemicals, it was essential that the enhancements were centered on the user experience.

“One of the benefits of Avanade is the complete integration of user experience with technology in the solutions they deliver. Other suppliers can do one or the other, but not both. That's where Avanade really shines – the complete integration makes my job easy.”

Ruj Purnariksha Director of Corporate Communications Emery Oleochemicals

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