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Business Situation

This large grocery store chain supports online ordering fulfillment from 50 stores with plans will double to 100 over the next quarter. They wanted to improve the process they used to fulfill online orders, to drive more customer satisfaction, and also drive lower costs. Each order took 30 minutes to fill before it was placed in a van for delivery to the customer.

Currently 750 people are picking orders - a manually intensive process ripe for improvement. There is a high degree of inaccuracy, resulting from workers not having visibility to where inventory is located within the store (on the shelves or in the back).

Grocery Store Chain

Project Summary: Food Retailer redesigns picking process for online orders to speed fulfillment and accuracy

Grocery Store Chain

Case Study: Making online grocery shoppers happy

How it works

Avanade custom-designed an app for the order picking process with an intuitive user interface that serves up detailed product information including item visuals, inventory location and available stock. The ‘self-learning’ app tracks what substitutions are most often picked for out-of-stock items and will recommend those to the worker. The app provides a realtime action log so that back-end managers can monitor every action and continually refine the process. The app runs on Microsoft Surface mobile devices that are set on each order fulfillment cart with handheld scanners that can be detached from their cradles.

Avanade Added

Accenture and Avanade analyzed the order fulfillment process and determined that the speed, ease and order quality could increase significantly if a more intuitive and visual user interface was developed. Avanade delivered a proof-of-concept pilot in which works use a custom application based on Microsoft Windows 8 to fulfill orders.  As a member of the customer's Innovation Council, Avanade continuously looks for ways that work can be redesigned to create value, drive efficiencies and reduce costs for many aspects of this food retailer's business.

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