Helvetia optimises digital assistance services

Business Situation

Helvetia is the third largest Swiss insurance group and has been present in Italy since 1948. For over 70 years, the company has been operating in the market with professionalism and competency, creating products aimed at satisfying customer needs. To help it improve its offered services as well as the quality and timeliness of its customer responses, Helvetia's main goals included:

  • Managing customer and intermediary requests through differentiated service models
  • Ensuring omnichannel management of various traditional and digital touchpoints
  • Providing end-to-end governance and monitoring of assistance processes

"The contact centre is the image of the service that an insurance company wants to offer its customers and distributors. Having developed a project of excellence allows Helvetia to uphold its reputation for quality service."

Roberto Lecciso Chief Operating Officer, Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company


The Helvetia Italy Group chose the approach proposed by Avanade which created a simplified and advanced digital assistance service, thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool in the cloud. The solution included a contact centre platform with omnichannel capabilities that streamlines communication and engagement to ensure more timely and relevant responses. Using the information assets created for the entire company, we implemented several customised modules within the programme to manage and streamline customer and intermediary support processes.


Thanks to the simplification and centralisation of information, Helvetia achieved major benefits with this cloud solution:

  • Increased internal management efficiency
  • A single point of access to information
  • A more reactive and measurable tool to respond to and satisfy multiple customer requests
  • Lower time to market and costs

The digital transformation of customer care at Helvetia also makes it possible to promptly manage requests received from customer networks while constantly monitoring activities.

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