Oil and gas industry leader

Business Situation

Employees needed a better way to locate information and expertise in order to assist with projects or solve problems. 
Employee-based knowledge and project information needed to be easy to find, use and improve based on new experiences and best practices.

Oil and gas industry leader

Case Study: Oil and gas industry leader ignites Social Collaboration with innovative approach to enabling global teamwork

Oil and gas industry leader

Project Summary: Oil and gas industry leader delivers improved service and better access to data to its partners and employees.

Avanade Added

Avanade paved the way for a successful transition by designing, building and deploying an entirely new infrastructure that could support new collaboration features. It also worked closely with Microsoft to facilitate the deployment of SharePoint 2013 before its public release as part of the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). This enabled the company to leap ahead and incorporate many of its desired features.

How it Works

Increased employee involvement.
Avanade helped to create a cohesive look-and-feel across the intranet and worked with users to identify key features such as search, micro blogs, Communities and MySite pages.

Participation has been strong. For example, an estimated 9,000 employees already have created their own MySite pages, which highlight information about their expertise, roles in the business and key contact information. This high rate of early adoption indicates that employees are fully embracing the platform and are eager to collaborate with one another.

A centralized hub for global knowledge.
Employees can now more easily find one another—even when they are thousands of miles away. This has led to numerous success stories in which employees were able to quickly locate knowledge experts in other parts of the world and working in other business units to solve pressing business challenges or assist with time-sensitive projects.

A foundation for the future.
The company has laid the groundwork for continuing its journey in revolutionizing the way work gets done. As a first step, a common look-and-feel, user-friendly design and well-organized platform has dramatically increased employee engagement. Extending collaboration to its partners and subcontractors, leveraging mobility and using business intelligence to refine its approach are all now possible with the foundation in place.

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