Perede uses blockchain to accelerate peer reviews of scientific research

Business Situation

Connecting researchers with reviewers from all over the world is one of the goals of Perede, a Dutch-American startup. It believes that the process for peer-reviewed academic research should be faster and more transparent. With help from Avanade, Perede is creating an academic peer review platform that will use blockchain to enable peer-to-peer transactions and provide transparent documentation of the entire process. Through the platform, researchers can upload their articles and have their peers review them.

"Avanade really helped us kickstart the blockchain development of our platform. They gave key insights in working with Solidity and brought our business concept more structure on an architectural level. It is really important to be able to share and discuss these ideas with people who are well educated about the subject and can offer advice whenever needed."

Lotte van Noort Perede CEO


Avanade advised the Perede team on developing a robust and reliable blockchain review platform. They specifically want systems and mechanisms where the so-called intermediary can be disabled so a single person is not in control of all data. Thus, an accelerated peer review process can be verified for faster, scientific progress.

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