Home improvement retailer launches touch screen technology to streamline service and foster customer loyalty


Rautakesko expects the Digital Store Guide will help it gather better insight into customer needs – from the products they’re seeking to the type of information they find most helpful. This translates into improved sales and service efficiency, and a positive long-term financial impact for the enterprise.

Through this use of digital technology, Rautakesko is transforming the customer experience in an otherwise traditional industry.

  • In-store sales representatives focus more on deeper consulting with customers, now that the Digital Store Guide handles routine inquiries
  • Rather than lining up to make inquiries, customers enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience by being able to view product information, photos, pricing, product location and availability right at the store entrance
  • Since the website, eCommerce solution and Digital Store Guide share common data, only one system needs to be maintained by IT personnel

Business Situation

As other hardware retailers continue to increase their online presence, Rautakesko looked to Avanade for assistance in leveraging technology to protect its market share.

Typically, customers would visit the store, yet simultaneously browse competitors’ websites to check prices and product availability. In peak hours, customers had to wait in long queues to obtain product information or advice from sales staff. As a result, some customers would leave the store without buying – or leave to buy from a competitor.

"The Windows 8 app is a critical piece in our digital marketing strategy. Integrated with our website and eCommerce system, it provides valuable customer insights that will help us build a better customer experience. "

Harri Markkanen, Project Manager, Rautakesko


Rautakesko relied on Avanade and Accenture to develop a modern, digital solution that would engage customers and combine its online presence and traditional store functions.

The Digital Store Guide, a Windows 8 application, provides product information to customers as they enter the store. From a 32-inch touch screen device, individuals can search for products and plan shopping routes accordingly. During a typical week, there were 300 unique users on average (in a single store with one device) performing more than 2,000 actions, such as product search, view product details, request product location and view store map.

In just five weeks, initial launch of the Digital Store Guide was completed in two of Rautakesko’s stores


Rautakesko Case Study


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