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Inail – an Italian organisation that aims to safeguard workers against physical injuries and occupational diseases – has undertaken the digitalisation of work activities in collaboration with Accenture, Avanade – a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft – and Microsoft. This evolution has led to new, digital ways to interact with citizens. Inail wants to simplify access to its services and assist citizens remotely, while at the same time equipping employees with digital skills as required by the PNRR – Italy’s national recovery plan put in place following the COVID-19 pandemic.


Inail’s new solution, Digital Desk, allows citizens to book an appointment with one of the organisation’s offices and receive advice either in person or remotely. This solution is aimed at workers, companies and intermediaries who need advice about using Inail’s services. The remote appointment option allows citizens to participate in a meeting with a consultant on a selected date and time using the Microsoft Teams platform on their device (e.g. desktop, tablet, smartphone).

Digital Desk was created through co-design sessions with employees within Inail’s Digital Organisation Central Department. During the pilot, users shared feedback to help continuously improve the solution. After this phase was completed, Digital Desk was gradually rolled out until it was adopted by Inail’s 187 offices throughout the country. To drive adoption and use of the tool, a strategic change management plan was implemented, including employee training.


Digital Desk has reduced wait times for meetings between citizens and the organisation. Inail reduced costs and time spent actioning requests while boosting efficiencies.

In an increasingly digital and connected world, citizens can receive the same high-quality service remotely as they would in person. The flexibility of remote appointments and the fast and intuitive booking system have contributed to an improved citizen experience.

For Inail, this was also an opportunity to consider other ways of using digital tools to replace physical documents and to further automate internal processes. The project allows the organisation to ensure greater efficiency and flexibility in the delivery of its services while acting as an example of how public institutions can modernise interactions with citizens.

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