Deliver a connected retail experience

Digital retail is far more than online shopping. Success in this highly competitive marketplace depends on delivering compelling experiences for customers and employees. It means understanding that value in retail is no longer about the product, but the buying journey. 

Whether that journey takes place in-store or online, today’s customers want options. They expect shopping to be dynamic, interactive and social. They want to scan, research and discuss products, then buy them over multiple channels. 

And they want the entire experience to be connected and seamless.

    The benefits of a digital connected retail experience

    A digital connected retail experience can increase customer and employee loyalty – not to mention sales. Retailers need to embrace the power of digital technology in order to engage both customers and employees.

    Digital customer: Strengthen relationships with a dynamic, seamless, multi-channel shopping journey that will enhance convenience, interactions and loyalty. 

    Digital workplace: Change the way your employees work – empower them with digital tools that foster greater productivity while improving customer service.

    Retail ERP: Integrate and streamline your core operations to deliver customer-centric retailing while enabling the efficiency needed for greater profitability.

    Cloud: Get the speed you need with Cloud. Put the right pieces in place to quickly become a digital business.

    "We wanted to create an experience that was as seamless as possible, without any physical intermediary. Thanks to Kinect and interactive technology, we were able to share real-time data on suspended screens, all triggered by natural gestures."

    Gabriele Tubertini CIO of Coop Italia, on the Supermarket of the Future solution delivered by Avanade with Accenture.

    Our retail expertise

    Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Our combined industry, strategic and technical expertise means we understand the unique complexities of the retail market. 

    We can help you create a connected retail experience. We can deliver innovations such as in-store digital signage, assisted selling, next-generation retail management infrastructure, digital marketing, predictive analytics, and multi-channel service and fulfillment.

    Our retail expertise is second to none:

    • Our experience is based on more than 250 projects for retailers around the world.
    • 50 percent of top retailers worldwide have worked with Avanade to implement Microsoft retail solutions.
    • 50 percent of the top U.S. retailers have worked with us to implement Microsoft retail solutions.


    Is your frontline prepared for the changing role of the store?

    Research from Avanade and Incisiv details specific recommendations for retailers to empower their frontline workforce to deliver a great customer experience and succeed.

    The real cost of not enabling your frontline workforce

    A retailer arming its frontline with tools and training is the exception, not the rule. View our infographic for insights.

    What Digital Forgot: The Retail Frontline

    Avanade and Microsoft partnered with Incisiv to survey retailers across the US, UK, Germany and France to get a glimpse into the frontline workforce.

    What do frontline employee experience leaders do differently?

    Retailers can achieve a 10 percent gain in sales and profit by becoming Leaders in employee experience.

    ICA speeds up service with Office 365

    Retailer improves employee communication and collaboration.

    Get what you ordered: In-store and online

    Mobile-enabled order fulfillment improves service and decreases costs.

    Avanade Mobile Air Line Platform helps Delta Air Lines improve the customer experience

    Mobile platform for flight attendants improves in-flight service.

    Rautakesko builds customer satisfaction

    Home improvement retailer launches touchscreen technology to reconnect with customers.


    Provide a seamless experience to customers across all channels.

    Digital Employee Experience

    A more productive and social way of working.

    Digital Enterprise Analytics

    Powerful intelligence – anytime, anywhere.

    Digital Marketing

    Deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and enhance your brand.


    Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

    Next steps

    Find out how you can deliver a connected retail experience for your customers.

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