Reimagine IT operating models and strategies

Digital and AI technologies present tremendous opportunities for your organisation to achieve cost efficiencies and accelerate operational excellence and market differentiation. Digitisation is also necessary to transform to new business models and avoid disruption by current and emerging competitors.

Having the right enterprise operating model and digital strategy is critical to effectively compete in your market today. And it can also enable and scale the innovation that will position you to lead in the future.

Transform the fundamentals of your business

Now more than ever, IT strategies need to be closely integrated with business strategies and outcomes. There needs to be a seamless link between the products you offer your clients and your underlying supporting technologies and platforms. Avanade Advisory business consulting practitioners bring deep digital strategy, innovation and technology expertise across industries to help you build and execute on an IT strategy that creates value. We’ll partner with you and your team to digitize and optimise your organisation’s operational backbone and transform the fundamentals of your business with digital and AI technologies.

“We wanted to really push the boundaries of technology to offer our fans something that they had never seen before. Avanade’s Advisory team helped turn our ambitious ideas into a custom solution, rather than just giving us something prepackaged.”

Jane Coles General Manager of Membership and Marketing, SCG Trust

Our approach makes your digital transformation journey easier

Deep digital innovation and technology expertise contextualised by industry insights are essential for your organisation to lead in the digital economy. Building the digital competencies of your people and bringing them along on your transformation journey is also key to your future success.

Avanade Advisory business consulting practitioners are focused on making your digital transformation journey easier by partnering with you to create and orchestrate practical strategies that achieve outcomes faster. We also help clients envision new business models inspired by emerging technologies and to ready their organisations and people for the future.

Our services can help you digitise to scale innovation and growth.

  • Innovation and New Technologies: Get a jump-start on new trends and benefit from technologies like AI, automation and blockchain.
  • Technology Operating Models and Automation: Future-ready your IT operating model and adopt new governance and ways of working to drive value.
  • Portfolio Optimisation: Optimise applications and infrastructure to establish an operational backbone that creates growth.
  • Value Optimisation and Realisation: Realise program and organisational efficiencies through IT integration and optimisation strategies.
  • Security and Business Continuity: Identify and manage digital risks and breaches through security assessments and strategies.
Insights from MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research

Dr. Jeanne Ross shares highlights from CISR’s digital transformations research.

Access MIT CISR research

As a guest of Avanade, register free for reports and insights on MIT CISR’s portal.

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