Capabilities to help you get a handle on all your data

Wringing every insight out of your data is part of building competitive edge in today’s complex business climate. But this requires that businesses get control over their data.
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When the world was flat, so was your data. Today the potential for your data is limited only by the questions you haven’t asked. By harnessing machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can anticipate your next question. With Cortana Intelligence Suite, Microsoft has deep investments in predictive, R-based analytics, machine learning, cloud analytics and break-through techniques to connect data to the questions you’re asking and the answers you’re looking for.

people-program-project-skills-iconData management and governance

Together, Microsoft and Avanade can help you get the most out of your data. Microsoft is the industry leader in data management systems, and Avanade knows Microsoft’s Data Platform inside and out. We can help you use your data to make the right decisions and inform future actions.

Every company in every industry has to deal with data governance or face business and legal issues from increased regulations. We can help ensure that your data policies and actions protect you from liabilities and risk.

Wondering where to start? Avanade brings our Microsoft expertise, combined with platforms and tools leveraging the Cortana Intelligence Suite to help you unify all your data, enrich it with other data that can add context, unlock the insights you are looking for and help you get the most from it.

“The scalability and functionality of the data analytics solution we’ve developed with Avanade has also dramatically improved Edenred’s operational efficiency and productivity, by replacing repetitive manual processes and focus groups with automated recommendations that target the right consumers.”

Johann Suchon Managing Director China and APAC Marketing Services, Edenred

Technologies to accelerate your results

people-talent-communities-iconMicrosoft Data Platform

When you’re working with data, you want to be able to crunch, twist, add, cut, slice and dice information in any number of ways. With Microsoft’s Data Platform, you’re using the best. And Avanade can make it easy for you. Sit back and relax: We build it, we run it and we can even manage it for you.

We can also help you accelerate your move to the cloud. This enables you to take advantage of high availability, reduced costs, data protection, security and agile development, all backed by Microsoft Azure, the only Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in enterprise cloud storage.

people-program-project-skills-iconCortana Intelligence Suite

Your employees need the right information to make the right decisions. Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite offers predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence powered by bots, to help you get, understand and interpret data – so you can push new boundaries of how data informs your business processes and decisions.

With Avanade’s Modern Analytics Platform, we combine the power of Microsoft’s Data Platform and the Cortana Intelligence Suite, providing cloud scalability, managed services, accelerators and frameworks to make your advanced analytics dream a reality. Avanade helps you use all your data, manage and maintain it, as well as get the insights you need to accelerate your business delivered “As-a-Service.”


Once you have your data gathered and organised – and you understand it – you need to add a layer of visualisation so everyone can consume and draw insights from the data. This enables them to take smart actions, leading to smart decisions and behaviours. With tools like Microsoft Power BI, Avanade can help you understand your data, empower your employees to drive internal efficiencies and improve your customer experiences in real-time.

Demo: Avanade Digital Marketing Analytics on Microsoft Power BI

Benefit from our data and analytics expertise

Avanade is a leading integrator and innovator of Microsoft data and analytics solutions. We have the expertise, accelerators, templates and tools to help you get to business results faster. We have:

  • Over 3,400 analytics resources globally, with more than 2,000 man-years of data and analytics experience – to help you, wherever you are.
  • Delivered analytics systems for over 550 enterprises across multiple industries.
  • Received the Microsoft Alliance Partner of the Year award, together with Accenture, for the tenth consecutive year.
  • Been named a 2015 Finalist in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards for Data Platform Partner.

Next steps

Find out how we can help you use data to gain insights you can act on.

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