Service Evolved – Episode 2

Waves of seasoned field service technicians are approaching retirement, and they will take with them years of invaluable “tribal knowledge” collected during their tenure. Meanwhile, new digital-native employees are coming on board and need help getting up to speed. But even the most sophisticated training manual cannot substitute for the people-centric and practical wisdom offered by the departing members of the workforce. So how should organisation s successfully harness existing employee knowledge to equip the next generation of field service technicians? Listen to this episode of Service, Evolved, to find out how new technologies like extended reality (XR) are helping to improve the employee and customer experience.

Together with their special guest Matt Hulbert, hosts Scott LeFante and Dan Cefaratti discuss how XR like Microsoft HoloLens paired with Dynamics 365 and Teams can:

  • Enable new technicians to ramp up and provide a better customer experience faster
  • Engage and extend the career of highly-skilled technicians
  • Provide safe, low-cost assistance to technicians on remote work sites
  • Capture undocumented processes and contextual knowledge from employees

And more.

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field service digital transformation 

Scott LeFante
Director of Field Service Architecture, Avanade

Scott is part of Avanade’s Digital Sales & Service team and a two-time Microsoft Business Applications MVP. He is an experienced CRM/CE professional and a Microsoft Dynamics expert in Field Service / Connected Field Service, Project Service Automation and Customer Service. Scott is responsible for the successful delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service projects, fostering ongoing relationships within the customer base, Field Service/CRM team management and support.


field service digital transformation 

Daniel Cefaratti
North America Field Service Lead, Avanade

Dan has 20 years of experience in the CRM, ERP, and Field Service industry. He leverages his expertise to help customers succeed in deploying Field Service solutions by driving best practices and business strategy. He has helped customers transform their business from being perceived as a cost centre, to more of a profit centre by creating a proactive, predictable process that streamlines the Field Service digital thread. Dan has a strong passion for Field Service and has helped this space innovate with mobility, predictive analytics, mixed reality, and route optimisation, which drive increases in customer satisfaction, service revenue, while at the same time driving out operating expenses in the Field Services industry.


Special Guest

matt hulbert

Matt Hulbert
Executive Experience Director, Avanade

Matt leads experience design and extended reality (AR/VR) for Avanade. He has more than 20 years of experience creating top-notch interactions and user interface designs. In addition to bootstrapping 2 startups, Matt has worked at companies such as Microsoft and IDEO doing creative work for online services, desktop applications and mobile phones in addition to augmented reality and HoloLens solutions. His focus on the human elements of solutions ensure the technologies and interfaces make people’s lives easier and more productive.


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