We can never be this unprepared again

These are extraordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry, organisation and person, across all facets of our lives. Even the most mature companies have not encountered this level of turmoil before and virtual has now become our default. We can never be this unprepared again - it’s time to rethink.

Ready your business for what’s next

Organisations are moving through three phases of recovery: Respond, Reset and Renew. Business continuity will remain a key priority, but you also need to set your sights on the long term.

To rethink your business, focus on five priorities:


business continuity solutions


business continuity solutions

The Resilient

business continuity solutions

Customer Care
and Operations

business continuity solutions

and Services

business continuity solutions

The path ahead won’t be linear

Identify opportunities to make your operations more resilient and your products and services more desirable to customers. You need full capabilities of your organisation and ecosystem to unlock operational efficiencies and create new revenue streams in response to changing market dynamics.

Workplace Experience (WX)
Embrace the entire workplace to drive sustainable value. Enhance your organisational resilience by combining technology, operations, culture and employee experience in a comprehensive WX approach.
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Azure Migration and Data Modernisation
Accelerate your move to the cloud, optimise as you go and modernise your data to maximise business value, increase business agility and scalability, and drive innovation across the organisation.
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Secure Enterprise
The risk posture for businesses has changed rapidly over the last several months. Our Secure Enterprise team helps you identify platform and system vulnerabilities with a particular focus on Microsoft 365 security and digital identity.
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Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things
Use practical AI and IoT technologies to gain quick sustainable wins and knock down technical barriers. With advanced tools including machine learning, intelligent automation and connected mobile devices, practical AI applications are built to scale. When used with agile models, practical AI works across fragmented technologies to improve business resiliency and deliver faster time to value.
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Responsive Customer Care
Adapt and modernise your customer care operations. Pivot to AI-enabled virtual assistants, remote field assist, click-to-chat, and enable your workforce to service and support customers from wherever they are.
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Supply Chain Resilience
Rapidly assess vulnerabilities and strengthen your supply chain with Dynamics, analytics, and automation, so you can address current disruptions and accelerate your preparation for future supply chain shocks.
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Rethink your industry

Banks have felt the full force of the current crisis. They have responded quickly but there is much to do. Technology is helping banks work remotely and securely, while automating processes and driving more digital behaviour. Whether it’s speeding up loan requests or handling major customer volumes, we have industry expertise and innovative technology to help you respond effectively.
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The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing many retailers to the brink of existence. Some will not survive. Those that do will need to reinvent themselves and show customers and employees that they understand and appreciate their wants and needs. Insisting on technologies that are agile, efficient, human-focused and holistic will be the game changer.
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Manufacturers are going through a major transformation, and technology is the most influential enabler. Being able to pivot to dramatic market changes is not easy but advancements in technology have enabled successful manufacturers to embrace transformation and adopt technological and cultural change. Our innovation, industry depth and execution with Microsoft technologies will help you relish rather than fear the next challenge.
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Healthcare, more than any other industry, is operating at the front line of the global pandemic. Recent events have proven that the industry can quickly rethink how care is delivered, but dramatic demands on healthcare have also revealed where vulnerabilities lie. Cloud technologies and AI-powered solutions have the power to move the industry forward at great speed – for those that are ready to seize the opportunity.
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Public Service
Governments and public service agencies are in the spotlight. They are responding at speed to unprecedented demand by adopting new capabilities and delivering services in very different ways. Yet many lack the technology they need to scale and innovate. They need to take strategic decisions, quickly, on the best ways to ensure their operations are more resilient and their services more robust than ever.

Helping our clients navigate the disruption

Learn how we’re helping clients rethink their businesses to unlock operational efficiencies and create new streams in response to changing markets.

Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Avanade combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.

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