Avanade’s Rethink Retail 3 Challenges Guide

It’s safe to say that no matter where you position yourself as a retailer right now, whether you are classified as essential or non-essential, you’ve had to adjust and adapt quickly to survive. And there are still challenges ahead. That’s why it’s important now to take a practical approach to what’s happening in the retail marketplace.

This guide looks at three immediate challenges facing most retailers, including:

  1. How to empower your frontline employees to respond to ever-changing customer demands and needs
  2. How you can better know your customers so that you can seamlessly deliver up-to-date order and inventory information across all channels
  3. How you can use data and analytics to create a centralized system to gather and assess real-time information about your supply chain

Inside this guide
We’ve developed a practical guide to help you start solving these challenges.

For each challenge, we look at typical scenarios, various examples where we have done this before, what outcomes you can expect and the accelerators we can provide to get you started. We hope you find it useful.

Next steps

Find out how we can help make your patients – and business – healthier.

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