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Meet Avanade’s Liselotte Van Unen, a data enthusiast in an innovative industry

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op woensdag 3 april 2024

Liselotte Van Unen is a data science consultant at Avanade, where she has been a pivotal part of the Data Analytics team in the Netherlands for the past 3 years. With a rich palette of skills ranging from data visualization to machine learning and beyond, her career is a testament to the power of dedication fused with expertise. This article will e...


Meet Kevin and Jean-Pierre – two of our Microsoft MVPs

Geplaatst door Kevin Chant AND Jean Pierre Riehl op maandag 10 juli 2023

In this blog, Jean-Pierre Riehl, Technology Innovation Lead in France, and Kevin Chant, Data Engineering Manager in the Netherlands, explain what the MVP award means to them – not to mention for Avanade and its clients.


Danny on Modern Workplace, change and being a technician at heart.

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op maandag 3 juli 2023

Danny is no stranger to embracing change and seeking out new opportunities that keep his motivation alive. In his blog, he shares insightful stories about how he has consistently generated excitement during his career at Avanade.


Andrew on volunteering and making an impact

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op maandag 26 juni 2023

Andrew likes to stimulate people to do volunteer work and be one of the go-getters who paves the way for more people looking to be a volunteer. He is an advocate for social engagement and giving back to the community. In his blog, he shares his experience:


We do what matters: individual employee initiative to reduce Avanade’s environmental impact.

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op dinsdag 6 juni 2023

At a time when most companies are questioning their environmental practices, Avanade supports its employees' initiatives to invest in actions to reduce its environmental impact, both individually and globally. In this entry Ronan Glemain, our Agile Consultant and co-leader of the Avanade Green Team in France, tells more about his involvement in the...


Mariëlle on personal connections, Change Management and success.

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op vrijdag 2 juni 2023

Mariëlle shares her experience working in the field of change management, leading her team, and being the OCM Advisory Practice lead.


Sander on Dynamics, client work and working together

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op dinsdag 2 mei 2023

In ‘Client stories’ we share business cases to show you how we're working with customers to help them get the future they want. This entry spotlights Sander Brugman, Dynamic 365 Consultant at Avanade


Marit on advisory, building a team and diversity

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op woensdag 5 april 2023

For over 20 years, Marit advised senior leaders and board members on digital transformation & strategy, business transformation, organizational design, cost optimization and portfolio management. Before her switch to Avanade, she worked for one of the Big Four companies as Director Digital Transformation. Since September 2018 Marit is now Head of A...


Post-internship: finding opportunities in data analytics with Martijn Knipping

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op woensdag 29 maart 2023

In ‘Post-internship’ we tell the stories of Avanadi who started out as interns and now have a flourishing career in their field of expertise. This entry spotlights Martijn Knipping, who was firstly introduced to Avanade via an internship, working in the talent community infrastructure, and who is now a full-time data analyst.


Saumya on how to realize your potential

Geplaatst door Avanade Nederland op maandag 13 maart 2023

At Avanade, we believe in limitless learning and all the benefits that come with it. Some courses are mandatory, and others are free to choose from. All are valuable for someone's career, personal and professional development, and skill set. Avanade empowers limitless and continuous learning throughout the company. Saumya Shah shares her experience...


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