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Business Manager Nienke

Give some thought about the place you would like to be at in your career. What does it take to get there and what are the specific skills you would need? Carving out your own career plan is highly encouraged by Avanade. Instead of leaving it to external circumstances, you will get more out of your career if you really think about what gives your work meaning and purpose. If you are willing to take the next step, possibilities come along for you.

In this series, we will be highlighting the careers of Avanadi. Exploring what steps, they have taken to get where they are now and how they see the further development of their careers. This entry spotlights Nienke Wouda, Business Manager at Avanade. She lives in Arnhem with her husband and twin sons.

Gaining work experience

Nienke studied International Communications at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen including a year abroad in Milan, Italy: “After my graduation in 2008 I started working at Accenture, a global business and technology consulting company and one of the two founding companies of Avanade. As a Flex Coordinator I was responsible for the external employees of a large Dutch bank. When attending a training to further develop my skills, I met some employees of Avanade. After two years at Accenture I was ready for a new challenge and after meeting my future colleagues I knew where to find that challenge.”

Business Manager Nienke Quote

Professional growth

In August 2010 Nienke started working at Avanade: “The company culture and people really appealed to me. Avanade is a relatively flat organization, which elevates the employees' level of responsibility in the organization. With the help of career advisors and Talent Communities you have the authority to implement ideas and your own way of doing things. I started in Sales Support and worked my way through different roles. My scope and responsibilities grew, as did the teams. My role evolved, but I always kept the same focus and dedication.”

Daily activities

It was just recently that Nienke found out her official job title is Business Manager: “I feel the content is more important than the title. I work in Business Operations, and I am lucky to have a job where no day is the same: from forecasting to reporting to being in the lead of integrating an acquired company. For all subjects I get to work with different people, from diverse backgrounds and countries, together aiming for the best results. My experience is that all colleagues, no matter their level or role, are willing to help and support each other. You can ask questions anytime, anywhere.”

Avanade Business Manager Nienke

Environment of continuous learning

Avanade offers a lot of training, technical and non-technical: “I took part in several trainings such as Trusted Advisor, Consulting Bootcamp, Manager Deep-dive, and a Professionals Training, which all made me grow. I learned a lot about myself and what steps I need to take in order to fulfill my career and personal goals. The growth mindset Avanade propagates is inspirational; I have learned and am still learning a lot from the people surrounding me. The most important lesson is that you are in charge of the development of your career path: ask yourself questions, set goals and have fun. Reach out to your colleagues and learn from everything and everyone you meet on your path.”

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