Iona on becoming a Microsoft expert, her passion for technology and innovation.

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Give some thought about the place you would like to be at in your career. What does it take to get there and what are the specific skills you would need? Carving out your own career plan is highly encouraged by Avanade. Instead of leaving it to external circumstances, you will get more out of your career if you really think about what gives your work meaning and a purpose. If you are willing to take the next step, possibilities come along for you.

This entry spotlights Iona Varga, CRM and Power Platform Consultant at Avanade. She lives in Heerlen and has a background in research and development in the healthcare domain.

New focus on data science

Originally, Iona started her career in research and development for MRI scanners, ultrasound scanners and more at hospitals: “I have a high interest in technical and experimental science and obtained a Bachelor and several Masters’ degrees in this domain. First, I focused on the equipment itself and later I became involved with the software and making analysis. I slowly moved towards data science and still incorporate science in my daily work. I always wonder about the ‘why’; why does something work the way it does. In IT, I am able to involve people in the process and help companies make better business decisions. In my role as a CRM and Power Platform Consultant, I advise clients and give training on how to use the technology to its full potential.”


Client- and internal facing role

At Avanade, Iona became a Microsoft MVP (Most valuable professional): “As one of the few in The Netherlands, I am a premier technical and instructional expert in Microsoft technologies and recently I was granted Business Applications MVP because I talk about Fusion-development and Health with Power Platform and Dynamics. I very much like to teach others how to build new solutions and fall in love with tech. Being enthusiastic about IT, I am also participating in loads of public speaking events. At clients and within Avanade. To be a community driver you have to be passionate about what you do and share your experiences and knowledge. I like that I am able to combine business, tech and human impact. That is why I choose to work at a consultancy and tech company that is focussing on innovation and technology. On a daily basis, I am in close contact with clients and make sure I am available for questions and remarks from my colleagues.”


Career ambitions

To make sure her ambitions are met, Iona talks regularly with her career advisor, the CRM director at Avanade and the Talent Community lead: “I am looking to become a Solution Architect and be even more involved with the clients’ needs. Innovations are built together and are created to help our clients, their employees and their own customers. The real challenge is the adoption of new technology within a company. It is all about using technology to its full potential in the process of adapting to changing needs. And, of course I would like to continue sharing my knowledge and best practices with others.”

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