Relocation: from Greece to The Netherlands

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Avanade Career Relocation: Greece to The Netherlands

In June 2022, Elena Veli started at Avanade as a Senior Digital Advisor. In a short period of time, she decided to apply for the job and relocate to The Netherlands. When she found out she got the job, everything happened very fast and Elena settled in Amsterdam.

In ‘Relocation’ we tell the stories of Avanadi who moved to The Netherlands for a job. They share their experience, tips and challenges as an inspiration for others who want to relocate. Avanade welcomes talent from all over the world and together we find a suitable job and career path in order to make everyone feel at home in the company.

Building experience
Elena worked in the consultancy business in her home country Greece and was always surrounded by international teams. It was in Greece when she met with Avanadi for a project. They talked about the company and vision, as well as everything tech related: “I have studied in Athens and received my Bachelor and Masters’ degree, where my last studies was about Management Science and Technology. I always knew I wanted to go abroad and work in a different country. When I met with enthusiastic colleagues from Avanade, I became really interested and applied for a job through LinkedIn. Then, everything went very fast.”


Meeting other expats
In just a couple of weeks Elena did a job interview, heard she was fitted for the job, and started preparing for the relocation: “I got the role as a Senior Digital Advisor and received information about moving to The Netherlands. There are a lot of foreign people working at Avanade that made a similar move like mine. I was introduced to colleagues who already went through the experience of moving to The Netherlands. This helped me a lot with figuring out what my next steps would be. In just a couple of weeks I relocated to a new country and started working at Avanade.”


Setting new goals
Today, Elena is working for clients and continues to grow her skills by following training programmes and participating in tech related events: “In Avanade I found the tech projects and community I am passionate about. Moving here was not a tough decision; I always wanted to work abroad. Now, I meet new people everyday, work on my skills and socialize through events and Talent Community nights. At Avanade you receive a lot of opportunities to work on your growth mindset and learning abilities. My family and friends are supportive and know my ideas of building a career abroad. I want to set new goals for the upcoming year and explore the opportunities involving women in tech; a topic which I am very passionate about. I like how Avanade is supporting women in the tech and consultancy industry and I am looking forward to contributing with my knowledge and skills.”

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