Technical Leadership Career Path spotlight: Jeroen Huitink

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In 2020, Avanade launched the Technical Leadership Career Path (TLCP), an opportunity for our deeply technical talent that allows them to mature their business leadership while continuing to allow for their pursuit of technical expertise. Technologists will no longer have to choose between their passion for technology and advancing their career as a business leader. On this path, they will do both.

In this series, we will be highlighting the careers of the members of the TLCP. This entry spotlights Jeroen Huitink, Solution Architect. Jeroen lives in Utrecht with his family and pet dog.

Developing leadership skills
Jeroen began working at Avanade in 2004 in the same year the company opened in the Netherlands: “I’ve worked at different system integrators and have a background in industrial automation before I was introduced to Avanade. When I joined the company there were only 17 employees and it was nothing like Avanade Netherlands is today - with over 500 employees and counting. I started my career as a developer and SharePoint specialist but have done everything from infrastructure, analytics, and architecture over the past years. It has not been solely technology that was being expected of me as leadership requirements are always there. And even though Leadership has always been a part of my career, one of my biggest passions is technology.

Always love what you do
In the past, as technologists took on higher level roles, they would focus less on their technical passion. Something Jeroen didn’t want to happen to him: “Without technology, I don’t do the job I love. Being happy at work and loving what you do is an overall productivity booster and enhances performance. I don’t have an end goal in mind for my career, rather to be able to enjoy my work every day. I am an expert in my field and have a solution for every problem within that field, but I am also able to approach a problem from different angles. At Avanade, limitless learning is always within reach, which gives you the opportunity to create a career on your own terms. The Technical Leadership Career Path is a great example of it, and it give you the possibility to gain distinctive experiences besides everyday work.”

Vehicle for substantive growth
Jeroen: “I was aware of this new career path, and it sparked my curiosity. It was still in his pilot phase but his was the first time I came across a path to become a technical leader by advancing your skills and growing Avanade’s leadership in the market. Next to growing your technical skills your leadership skills are challenged to stay relevant and increase your seniority. All without switching to a different career profile. When it was time for the second round, I enrolled for the TLCP. I can now mature my business leadership skills while continuing my technical expertise. Taking this route allows me to grow towards client impact and internal and external knowledge sharing. It is a vehicle for substantive and ambitious growth.”

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