How to skyrocket your career with Dagmar van den Boomgaard

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How to skyrocket your career with Dagmar van den Boomgaard
Give some thought about the place you would like to be at in your career. What does it take to get there and what are the specific skills you would need? Carving out your own career plan is highly encouraged by Avanade. Instead of leaving it to external circumstances, you will get more out of your career if you really think about what gives your work meaning and a purpose. If you are willing to take the next step, possibilities come along for you.

In this series, we will be highlighting the careers of Avanadi. Exploring what steps, they have taken to get where they are now and how they see the further development of their careers.

This entry spotlights Dagmar van den Boomgaard, Organizational Change Management Consultant at Avanade. She lives in Hoofddorp with her partner and is pregnant with her first child.

Steppingstone to IT
Dagmar never thought she would end up having a career in IT and tech: “I finished my first master's degree in psychology at the Radboud University and was looking for a job. When I couldn't find a suitable job, I decided to do another master’s degree. This time around I chose the Work and Organizational Psychology program. Alongside some broad knowledge I now had a strong focus to shape my career. In February 2018 I applied for an internship at Avanade. I was an intern at HR and wrote a paper about the gender gap in IT and how to increase the number of women working in tech. In August 2018 I started working full time at Avanade and found out that IT and psychology overlap more than I thought. Such as the cognitive and behavioral aspect in the implementation of new solutions. Organizational psychology is an addition to the projects and provides a view on the bigger picture.”

Speak up about your what’s best for you
“Showing initiative will take you far in your career. If you want to change something, make sure you are speaking to the right people. At Avanade we have career advisors, talent communities and mentors to help you carve out your career. I experienced it myself when I felt I wasn’t challenged enough in my day-to-day activities. Expressing my feelings and talking about my ambitions and goals has led me to roles with increased responsibilities. Next to that every project and client is different. Therefore, every activity, method or solution is unique and focused on the journey of a specific client. That's what makes it challenging.”

Measurable results
“I am happy with my role at Avanade where I can work with different clients and teams. Technology is ever-changing, so as a company you have to be willing and able to change with the times and needs of your clients. Change management at project level is about ensuring that a project achieves its intended results. When you install a new technology, employees must adopt and use it to deliver value for the company. Or when employees need to be educated on for example cybersafety, the most suitable method needs to be defined and implemented. To see if a method is suitable and effective, I find it important that all projects are measurable and quantifiable where possible.”

Think outside the box
“Change management focuses on people, and it is about ensuring any change is precisely and lastingly implemented within a company. If you are interested in becoming a change manager, look for companies who are involved in these activities. Create your own opportunities and talk to the right people. Every change manager is different, and you have to embrace your own skills, talents and uniqueness. Learn to think outside the box and be creative in your work; although we make use of methods proven effectively, there is no one fixed format for change management that suits all. Because every client and project is unique. To elaborate on that, I am now building an escape room using the PowerApps Platform from Microsoft. Who would have thought that a change management project would involve an escape room?”

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