Sander on Dynamics, client work and working together

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Avanade’s Sander on client work

Sander Brugman is an experienced Dynamics 365 Consultant at Avanade, working on different projects for big account customers. He explains a project he has been working on for the last two years; read all about his role, challenges and successes.

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Crafting my career path

Sander lives in Leiden with his wife and two sons and has been a Dynamics 365 Consultant at Avanade for over seven years. In his spare time, he loves to be outside and be active; running, cycling and playing tennis are his favorite kinds of sports. For almost 20 years Sander has been working in the IT Business: “From a young age I became interested in computers and software and liked to figure out how it all works. With this in mind, I decided to start studying Business and IT. I liked the combination of learning how the business works and how IT can help in making processes easier and more efficient. After my study, I focused on programming, and I noticed that I preferred Microsoft technology and applied for a job as a Dynamics CRM programmer. I have seen the technical side, as well as the functional and business side of consultancy. Working at Avanade challenges me every day because we work on large and complex projects.”

Making an impact with solutions

Making an impact with solutions

“I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics for over 16 years and have seen it grow from an immature application to an application that has unlimited possibilities. The product is continuously evolving, and no project is the same. That’s why I still like to work with Dynamics 365. I like being a consultant because we can really make a difference for our customers with the possibilities of the latest technologies. The complexity of an IT implementation is to keep it as simple as possible and to make sure the application will be used as it is supposed to be. For the last 2 years, I have been working on a Field Service project for a large construction and engineering company in the Netherlands. We took over this project from another implementation partner and it was an example of an over-complicated solution. It was a real challenge to make the solution manageable and maintainable while about 1000 people were already working on the application. I really liked this project because it is easy to imagine that the field engineers and the back-office really have benefits when the solutions work easily and smoothly. My role on this project was Technical Lead or Solution Architect. It was my responsibility to make sure that we used and customized the application in the right way and made solution designs for the customizations and integrations.”

Working together

Working together

“I like the fact that we are working together with a lot of different people on the customers’ side; from IT Management and Enterprise Architects to Business Management and End Users. After all, an IT implementation involves the whole company, and we need to take everyone's needs into consideration. At my last project, the team was business analysts and application managers from the client, the development team was from Avanade, and the tester was from another company. I am proud to see that my colleagues from Avanade always go for the best possible result for the client.”

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