Arnoud Lems on software engineering, agile working & personal growth.

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Meet Arnoud Lems, Software Engineering Talent Community (TC) Lead at Avanade. He has been part of Avanade since 2010 and had different roles within the company. For a long period of time, he worked as an international Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach. He then focused on building a strong community of software engineers and became more involved with specific accounts: “I ask key questions to really understand the client's needs and challenges. By offering a dedicated and skilled team I make sure the best possible solution is being built and implemented.”

Helping people grow

“I match people with the right skill set to the requirements of the client. What I like most about my job is seeing these partnerships work. I always make sure people are able to learn and grow in challenging projects. Having a growth mindset is something we all share at Avanade. As a TC lead, it is important to keep the team energized and focused. I like to organize team-building activities and keep in close contact with career advisors. If someone is growing on a personal level, it also benefits the company. I give advice on education and specific certifications for software engineers. We work for a variety of clients, each with their individual challenges and goals.”

Creating new opportunities

“Before switching roles, I asked myself what I wanted to learn. What my next career step would be. My first thought was: becoming a TC lead. I always look for new opportunities. Challenging myself helps me grow as a person and as a professional. Being a Client Account Lead before meant I was helping the client grow and reach their business goals. Once I was adjusted to my new role as Software Engineering TC lead, I was confident in making the right decisions for both the client and the team. Next to my knowledge of people and their skills, I can effectively use my own technical skills and market experience. Therefore, I can also put together customer solutions and carry out projects. Eventually, I would like to grow towards an Offering Lead position. In this role, you lead initiatives to codify and standardize offerings within the Avanade portfolio. I never stopped being a Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach, but it is not my main focus anymore. I still give training here and there in order to teach people about agile working.”

Matching skills to requirements

“A new project always starts with an IT related challenge. A client is looking for a solution that benefits their business. We discuss the requirements and needs and design a solution plan including timing, project approach, and needed skill set. I then match people to this specific request. Either I approach someone directly, or I start doing interviews with potential matches. When the right people are allocated to the project and the Delivery Lead takes over, I am still involved with the project. I keep in contact with the team as well as the client. Making sure the requirements are met and people stay focused on the common goal.”

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