Why I’ve stayed at Avanade for 15 years

  • Geplaatst op woensdag 4 november 2020
Why I’ve stayed at Avanade for 15 years

When I started at Avanade, I didn’t think much about my future career. Before I knew it, I was celebrating my 15th anniversary at Avanade! Every time someone asks me why I am still working here, I give them the same response: this is an employer who gives me continuous challenges every day and adopts my career instead of the other way around. Every time I start to feel unchallenged, there are new opportunities I could take to get re-inspired and grow into a new role.

From Solution Developer to Project Manager

During my first years at Avanade my goals focused on expanding my technical knowledge as a solution developer. Back then we worked with ASP.NET 1.1 and if we were lucky, with version 2.0. Soon we were required to maintain delivered projects which resulted the startup of the Managed Services team within Avanade Netherlands. Over the years this department eventually expanded to 50 on- and offshore team members with me as the team lead.

Less technology, more Service Management

After a few years, I moved a bit away from the technology, now more focused on service management, which I liked very much, and I expressed my wish to move from maintenance to consultancy.

The switch to project management is the one with the most impact of my career. It started with some smaller projects, but this changed rapidly; The size and scope of the projects became bigger and bigger.

These projects became one of many and projects became bigger and grew to large programs. I got sweaty hands when I had to managed a very large program for the first time. It made it even more challenging because it included multiple countries, languages, delivery centers and a lot of third parties.

With the trust and support from Avanade and dedicated colleagues I grew my confidence as Project manager.

Interesting other side projects

Next to my day to day work, I did several other projects and initiatives at Avanade. At the time I started Avanade, the headcount was about 35 people. When the headcount grew to about 250, I became interested in the company regulations and processes and joined the work council. I had the opportunity to get more involved in the decision making of new employee benefits, lease car regulations and providing our management team with advice we collected from our colleagues.

Currently, I reserve part of my hours for an internal program which I started on my own initiative, it is focusing on the wellbeing of employees. It’s important to have a healthy work-life balance and this program is meant to increase awareness of that importance. We have conversations with colleagues to check if they have a healthy work-life balance, aiming to prevent overstrain or burnout. I find this project energizing! I’m enjoying doing something good for our colleagues and talking with them about their experiences and lessons learned.

So what’s next?

Currently, I’m 7 years in my latest role as project manager, so who knows what is next? I’m confident that Avanade can give me room to continue my career path, even if it will be another switch to something totally different. Maybe I’ll become a Solution Architect; I don’t know.

One thing I do know is that I have never lost the connection with Avanade. Every single project, in good and bad times, gave me the support and tools to finish with success.

Avanade as a company is not the only reason I stayed here for such a long time. The people who work here make the difference. I find that very important. All Avanadi (what we call our colleagues) are willing to help each other, share knowledge, go for the best result and share a common focus and goals. There is no difference no matter who you are or what your role is, there is a common respect for each other, which I really appreciate.

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