Technical Career Path spotlight: Derk Hudepol

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In 2021, Avanade launched the Technical Expert Career Path (TECP), an opportunity for our deeply technical talent that allows them to still be focused on technology and developing technical expertise, while they can grow from a consultant to senior roles. Technologists will no longer have to choose between their passion for technology and advancing their career. On this path, they will be able to keep focused on technology.

In this series, we will be highlighting the careers of the members of the TECP. This entry spotlights Derk Hudepol, Technical Architect and Sitecore Capability Lead at Avanade. Derk lives in Almere with his family and pet animals.

New to solution building

Derk started working at Avanade in 2010: “After I graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, I started my own software developing company. In the meantime, I was looking for a suitable job and visited a local career fair. After meeting several employers, I came across Avanade’s booth and started talking to one of the company representatives. At the time, I immediately had a good feeling about Avanade and the job vacancies. I appreciated the decisiveness and open communication, and more importantly the job offer. I started without any knowledge of the technology and solutions; meaning I had to learn and teach myself about the technology with some guidance on the way.”

Career growth

“My knowledge and technical skills of Sitecore, a Digital Experience Platform and Content Hub, didn't go unnoticed. Multiple times I received the Most Valuable Professionals award (MVP) to acknowledge my work for Avanade and clients. I was also the first developer that was placed on a Sitecor project. As I grew in my role as a Technical Architect and Sitecore Capability Lead, my career started to have more focus. In my work I act as a bridge between technical and business aspects of a company and oversee the design and implementation of the technology and solutions. When I heard about the Technical Career Path, and more so the expert track within this specific Career Path, I was curious to learn about the possibilities.”

Introduction to the TECP

“The three pillars were the first thing I noticed about the TECP; internal and external knowledge sharing and thought leadership. I already gained experience from writing blogs and presenting at events, which I received the MVP awards for. The path complemented what I was already strong at. I spoke to Eric Laan, who introduced the TECP in the Netherlands, filled out the questionnaire and gave a presentation. The journey so far has been great; I am expanding my skills by writing blogs, presenting, and managing internal capability. I integrate these tasks with my day-to-day activities and found a structure that works for me in the timeframe I have. The TECP is a good example of how Avanade provides limitless learning for ambitious growth to employees.”

Growing into your role

“In the future I would like to define my career even more. My recent promotion and the TECP already brought focus for me to grow in my current role. I would like to explore having more ownership and leadership in my future projects. Still technically oriented because that is where my passion lies. I hope to contribute in raising awareness for the TECP, so more people can develop themselves as an expert in their field.”

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